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    May 25, 2012 // 1:30 PM

    Why Readers Lose Interest in Your Email Marketing [Infographic]

    Written by Corey Eridon | @

    email infographicintroductory3

    Marketers spend so much time creating content, building landing pages, and generating leads. As they should! With a boatload of leads, you can also send a boatload of amazing email marketing messages to nurture those leads into customers.

    Problem is, the enthusiasm your email subscribers once felt can dwindle. And sometimes, no matter how amazing your email marketing is, some recipients will stop clicking, stop opening, and eventually unsubscribe.

    But what if you had better insight into why your email recipients felt this way? Well, maybe you could actually do something about it. Litmus to the rescue! They've created this handy infographic that breaks down, in simple terms, all of the reasons your recipients become disengaged with your email marketing -- and what you can do about it, too.

    Why Readers Become Disengaged With Your Email Marketing

    subscriber email engagement resized 600

    Do any of these reasons for email disengagement surprise you? What do you do to ensure recipients stay engaged with your email marketing?

    optimize-email-ebook blue-subcribe

    Topics: Email Marketing

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