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    25 of the Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples Every Marketer Should See

    By Ginny Soskey


    Some presentations are better than others. Some have gorgeous designs. Some have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth advice. But the best SlideShare presentations represent all three. 

    And if you're looking to get started making your own PowerPoint or SlideShare presentation, why not learn from the best of the best?

    To help you kick your own presentations up a notch, we've curated 25 awesome SlideShare decks below.

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    Do You Really Need That Exclamation Point? [Flowchart]

    By Beth Dunn

    Writing for the web isn't easy. Sure, you want to get your point across. That's a given.

    But what you really want is to spark people's interest, engage their emotions, maybe even generate some real excitement about the stuff you're writing about. Heck, you're excited about it. Is it so much to ask that others might get excited, too?

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    9 Ways to Recycle Your Blog Posts Into Other Content Formats

    By Will Blunt

    Today, marketers are feeling the pressure to pump out more and more content to get noticed -- plus it's got to be readable, engaging, and shareable. But maintaining a steady stream of quality blog posts can be time-consuming. 

    The answer to this challenge isn’t to write more frequent, lower quality blog posts. Quite the opposite. You need to dedicate more time to researching and write the best and most engaging content you can.

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    15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing

    By Siobhán McGinty

    When you're thinking about investing in a product or service, what's the first thing you do?

    Usually, it’s one or both of the following: You'll likely ask your friends whether they've tried the product or service, and if they have, whether they would recommend it. You'll also probably do some online research to see what others are saying about said product or service. Nowadays, 9 out of 10 people are looking at online product reviews, posts on social networks, and so on before making a purchasing decision.

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    The Essential Guide to Creating Case Studies [Free Template]

    By Rachael O'Higgins

    Nowadays, reviews are more important than ever -- 9 out of 10 people are looking at online product reviews and posts on social networks before making a purchasing decision. Do you have a plan in place to take advantage of this trend?

    Enter the ever useful and efficient case study. Case studies give your audience more information about your product or service in the context of a specific company size or vertical. 

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    Getting Started With Content Marketing: 9 Takeaways From One Company's Experience

    By Gal Rimon

    When the gameffective team and I decided to get serious about content marketing back in June of 2014, we treaded carefully at first. The return on an investment of creativity and content creation was still somewhat of a mystery to us at that point. It was something people spoke about in guest posts, but like any team trying a new business approach, we were a little hesitant to implement it ourselves.

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    How to Find Accurate and Compelling Data

    By Ross Crooks

    No matter your message, including data to support your claims enhances the validity and impact of whatever you are communicating -- but only if your data comes from a reliable source. Too often, individuals cherry pick data from a variety of ... let’s say “questionable” sources, cobbling together a few statistics that are incomplete -- or worse, completely irrelevant.

    Whether you’re communicating to your boss or your consumer, all data starts with a good data source.

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    How to Write a Press Release [Free Template + Sample]

    By Hannah Fleishman

    When it comes to content, sometimes old school can be a good thing (namely, when it comes to old school rap or Throwback Thursday on Instagram). But when it comes to your company's public relations strategy, being old school isn't advantageous for your business or your brand. 

    Ten years ago, people still relied on morning papers for news. Today, the vast majority of your company's customers and prospects scan headlines on Twitter or see what’s hot in their Facebook feed.

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    How to Give a Bad Infographic a Makeover [Infographic]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Given the popularity and effectiveness of visual content for marketing, it's no surprise that today's marketers are creating more and more infographics. They're a more enjoyable way of digesting statistics, data sets, and timelines, and they can drive more traffic and engagement than plain text.

    Even though there are a lot of good infographics out there, there are still a ton of bad infographics out there, too.

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    21 Free Design Tools for Marketers on a Budget

    By Rosalia Cefalu

    They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but let's be honest ... a pretty cover doesn’t hurt when it comes to your marketing. That’s why -- whether you're creating lead generation content, social media content, calls-to-action, or infographics -- your marketing materials should always be as visually appealing as possible.

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    Out of Ideas? 8 Great Places to Find Inspiration on the Internet

    By Jacqueline Zenn

    This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post.

    If you're a designer or work in some creative capacity and are looking for visual inspiration, there are thousands of websites and resources for where you can find creative inspiration online -- design round-ups, listicles, and so on.

    ... But what if you're looking for inspiration applicable to your daily work life? Here are some places where you can find real inspiration that'll help get you excited to go to work on days when you don’t even want to get out of bed.

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    An Overview of the Major Google Algorithm Updates of 2014

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Inbound marketers are constantly on alert for changes in Google's ever-evolving algorithm ... but that doesn't mean we don't miss one every now and then. The combination of frequent algorithm updates and a busy workload means that sometimes a critical update gets lost in the sauce.

    To make sure you're fully up to date on the latest major changes in SEO, we've compiled a full list of the most important Google algorithm updates from 2014.

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    5 Clever Ways Ecommerce Companies Can Use Pre-Transactional Offers

    By Alex Whitney

    If you’re an ecommerce business owner and the only conversion opportunities on your site are to purchase, “contact us,” or subscribe to an email list or blog, you’re leaving money on the table – plain and simple. It’s a good start to have a pop-up blog subscription or “5% off your first purchase” offer, but is this type of disruptive offer really compelling? The short answer is no.

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    Attention, Word Nerds: The 30 Weirdest Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014

    By Corey Eridon

    The Oxford English Dictionary adds new words and phrases to their dictionary four times a year, and in 2014, the dictionary benefited from thousands of additions. The words tend to reflect technological advancements, pervasive colloquialisms, and shifting language patterns. And while the OED hasn't been as liberal with their additions as the Oxford Dictionaries -- you won't find words and phrases like "hot mess," "adorbs," or "neckbeard" -- they've still managed to stay remarkably "with the times" without sacrificing timelessness. 

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    Should I Gate This Content? [Flowchart]

    By Joe Chernov

    We marketers seem to like rules. (And when none exist, we'll settle for guidelines.) Those of us who write about the marketing space appear to recognize this tendency, which is why you'll find so many benchmarking reports, how-to articles, and definitive lists for marketers.

    Some challenges, however, are too nuanced for a binary best practice.

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    14 Witty Jokes for the Grammar Nerd in Your Life

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Have you ever cringed at a "Got Milk?" ad? Feel a strange sense of pride when you find a typo in a reputable book? Did you secretly (or not-so-secretly) love making syntax trees in school?

    Then you might just love these grammar jokes as much as we do. Here are a few of our favorites -- share yours with us in the comment section! 

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    How to Create Exciting Content for a Boring Industry

    By Brianne Rush

    As I interview new candidates for content marketing positions on my team, there is one question I feel necessary to ask: “How will you handle writing for B2B accounts?” What I am really asking is, “Are you OK writing for what may be considered boring topics, and how will you make each piece interesting?”

    The truth is, I don’t want to hire someone who will become bored or overwhelmed by the topics we most often write about and jump ship just months after joining the team. The candidates I gravitate toward are the ones who have answers like, “To me, there are no boring topics. It is all about understanding what type of content the audience wants and giving it to them. I know how to sniff out a story, which makes any topic interesting.” Agreed!

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    How to Track Content ROI: A Step-by-Step Guide

    By Aaron Agius

    There’s no doubt that content marketing can boost your brand awareness and improve public sentiment towards your company and its product offerings. 

    But for you to really make an impact on your business, you need to know whether you’re getting a good bang for your marketing buck -- and that means you need to figure out how much you're affecting the business' bottom line.

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    How to Use SWOT Analyses for Smarter Content Strategies

    By Lisa Toner

    It's the most wonderful time of the year for content marketers. This time of year is when you measure your impact on this year's company goals and uncover opportunities for moving the needle on next year's.

    But when most people run these analyses and calculate next year's predictions, they forget

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    Tips for Finding an Authentic Voice in Higher Ed Marketing

    By Holly Stayton

    What do you say when a prospective student asks, “What makes (insert your college or university here) different?” It’s easy to tout the low faculty to student ratio or list off a long inventory of degree programs. While these are important, most higher education institutions can proclaim the same thing. How do you show what makes you, well … you?

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    How to Produce Flawless Audio Interviews With Industry Experts

    By Eric Siu

    There’s no doubt that interviewing experts and releasing the resulting clips can be a powerful strategy for generating traffic and building brand awareness. But just because interviews can be powerful doesn't mean they always turn out that way. Without some direction, it's very easy for interviews to fall into the latter camp. 

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    10 Helpful Tips for Choosing and Using Fonts

    By Melanie Perkins

    When you think of all the things that make up a good design, what elements come to mind? Color? Layout? Photography?

    Most people often forget that typography plays a crucial role in the success of a new design. With so many choices, choosing the "right" one can feel overwhelming.

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    10 Powerful Blogging Hacks for the Efficient Marketer

    By Ginny Soskey

    When I first started to blog for a living, I found it hard. Like, really hard. I always felt like I had writer's block. It took me forever to write my first article that was over 1,000 words.

    And I certainly didn't feel validated after I hit publish -- the posts would rack up a handful of shares and views, usually from my wonderful

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    Want Hordes of Raving Fans? 7 Content Best Practices to Follow

    By Neil Patel

    There's a big difference between people who know about your company and people who rave about your company. While the former is something almost all marketing teams strive to get more of, developing the latter is key to growing your business. 

    So how do you get someone to not only know about you, but like you enough to engage with

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    What Great Stories Smell Like: Inside Microsoft Stories' Editorial Process

    By Ginny Soskey

    Crushes are weird sometimes. Even though lots of people tend to have a "type," sometimes a crush just doesn't fit that mold. It's hard to explain: You're just drawn to that other person, regardless of all the times you've spent fixating on your "type."

    Content crushes are no different. Last month, we published a post on the top company blogs HubSpot's content was crushin' on, and one addition to the list completely surprised me: Microsoft Stories.

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    How to Develop a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

    By Melanie Perkins

    The new world of marketing is increasingly visual. It's no coincidence that the newest and fastest-growing social networks on the web -- like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat -- are focused primarily on visual content.

    So, how can marketers adapt to and leverage an increasingly visual social atmosphere? By

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    How to Future-Proof Your Content Marketing Strategy

    By Eric Siu

    Trends come and go in the world of digital marketing. Some “hot” techniques -- like inherently manipulative keyword stuffing and forum profile linking -- are snuffed out of practice by improvements to the Google algorithms. But other more benign fads represent great opportunities for marketers to grab attention -- that is, if they’re smart about it.

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    How to Write a Darn Good Sentence [SlideShare]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Literary theorist and legal scholar Stanley Fish wrote, "The skill it takes to produce a sentence, the skill of lining events, actions, and objects in a strict logic, is also the skill of creating a world."

    Remarkable writing isn't just for academics and authors; it's a fundamental skill for marketers, too. The "remarkable" part is where it gets tricky.

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    A Look Inside Mashable’s Evolution [Interview]

    By Joe Chernov

    Change is always difficult. Even when you are confronted with an undeniable, hit-you-square-between-the-eyes reason to change, change is still daunting for most of us. Yet having the foresight to see that reason lurking in your future, and changing in anticipation of its arrival ... well, that’s difficulty of the highest order.

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