27 Best PR Tools for Monitoring & Managing Media Relations in 2023

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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting


One of the best ways to grab your audience’s and investors’ attention is by getting your brand featured in a reputable article, news report, journal, or blog post.

To do so, you’ll need the best PR tools at your disposal. By using PR tools, you can increase your brand’s visibility, garner more leads, and even earn media opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise.

In this blog, we provide a list of the best PR tools that agencies can use to get noticed and increase leads.

To begin, we’ll walk through what PR tools actually achieve, then we’ll dive into the tools that are worth investing in, and finally, share our list of the best PR tools.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What are PR tools?

PR Tool Use Cases

Best PR Tools List

Download Now: Free Press Release Template

What are PR tools?

A PR (public relations) tool is a piece of software that helps PR professionals effectively manage campaigns and monitor various aspects of their public relations efforts.

This may include media relations, press release distribution, social media monitoring, influencer management, and analytics.

One example of an effective PR tool is Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). Using a CRM can help manage the outreach process as it gives you the ability to send email pitches easily.

Different PR tools may be assigned with different use cases. While some of them help with finding the contact details of journos, others can help with spotting trends and finding missing opportunities.

More advanced PR tools come with report-tracking capabilities for tracking the performance of those campaigns. Let’s look at the best use cases of PR tools and how you can use them to benefit your public relations efforts.

PR Tool Use Cases

Ready to learn more about which PR tools are worth your agency’s time, energy, and money? Here are a few key functions you should ensure your PR tools have.

Brand Monitoring

With brand monitoring, you’ll keep an eye on your brand to check if you have hit any large media coverage or been mentioned in a popular social media post.

Companies leverage brand monitoring tools to get an idea of what people are talking about in the media. It helps you figure out what the buzz is about your company.

If there’s a scandal, brand monitoring will help you mitigate any reputation damage before the news spreads.

PR tools make use of metrics like customer feedback, social listening, and focus groups to measure brand health.

A brand monitoring or media monitoring tool helps with:

  • Brand reputation
  • Identifying new media opportunities
  • Conducting thorough market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Building media relations

Finding Journalists and Influencers

If you want to optimize your PR efforts, target the journalists or influencers that are most relevant to your industry.

63% of journalists are interested in publishing content that resonates with their target audience, so be sure you have the writer’s target audience in mind when you pitch them.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is one such media outreach service that connects journalists with their PR sources. Make sure you reach out to the journalists instead of writing to the publication’s generic email address.

Check out our comprehensive guide to find out how to improve your media outreach for PR surveys.

Finding Media Contact Information

It’s worth taking the time to find the right contact information for the journalists you’re pitching, because you need to be sure your email is landing in the right inbox.

Unfortunately, this can be tricky, as many of them hide their contact information on the Internet to avoid flooding their inboxes.

Media outreach tools scrape contact details of influencers and media journalists on the Internet. The details are not limited to email addresses, but also social media profiles.

As preliminary research, LinkedIn works as one the best tools to find a contact’s email address but the manual scraping is more time-consuming.

best pr tools, finding Linkedin contact info via PR tools

Image Source

If you are looking for the best ways to find a prospective media connection through LinkedIn, read this comprehensive guide here.

Writing Press Releases & Crafting Emails

Sending out your message is one thing and sending it out clearly is another. Long and messy email pitches can do more harm than good.

If you don’t want to mess up your first cold impression, you can use PR software to help you create email pitches that are error-free.

These copywriting and spell checker tools can save you from the embarrassment of glaring spelling mistakes and deliver your message concisely.

Backlinko.com’s Brian Dean does an excellent job in crafting personalized and short emails for journalists and influencers. The copy is concise and should quote the research that would gauge the author’s interest.

Email outreach examples, Best PR toolsImage Source

Measuring your PR Efforts

It’s crucial that you’re not only executing these PR efforts, but also measuring the return on investment for your agency. In other words, you’ll need to analyze to determine if your PR efforts are in the right direction.

After all, PR is an essential part of your marketing pie. PR is not simply writing press releases but also getting an insight into the value it generates.

PR software gauges the interest of your audience, gives valuable feedback, and measures the sentiments of your readers.

The below infographic by Marketing Charts gives a clear picture of metrics that PR professionals use in measuring their PR efforts.

Metrics used by PR professionals

Image Source

PR reporting tools at disposal can measure various KPIs, including share of voice, the number of replied pitches, email open and click rates, form submission, social share, and whatnot.

Now that you know some of the key functionalities that the best PR tools should offer, let’s dive into the tools we recommend you use.

1. HubSpot's Public Relations Kit [Featured Tool]

Price: Free – Download Now

Download These Templates

HubSpot's Inbound Press Release Templates & Public Relations Kit is one of the best PR tools you can use to help you scale your public relations efforts.

We‘ve mapped out a structure for writing the perfect press release for any situation, and we’ve included a PR checklist and best practices guide as well.

The kit is free and immensely helpful no matter what the state of PR is in your company. Click here to download the kit now.

Core Features:

  • Includes press release templates along with different formats and step by step guide.
  • The kit consists of a timesheet template that assigns tasks and roles for PR promotions.
  • The use of compelling visual creatives replaces the boredom of reading traditional press releases.

What we like:

Our playbook gives a detailed understanding of how to get yourself published on popular blogs and publications, build relationships with journalists, and get noticed by the right audience.

The email outreach template is simple yet captivating and boasts a high open rate. Use the to-do plan list that is superior to any Excel sheet and can save your investment on any hefty tool.

Another highlight is that this kit features a guide to inbound public relations best practices, which is worth a read.

Pricing: Free to download.

2. Prowly

pr software tools, Prowly

Image Source

With Prowly, managing media relationships is simpler than ever. This tool allows you to save time on routine tasks, which is another perk.

The modern and user-friendly tool lets you find relevant media contacts, create visual press releases, send personalized email pitches, and maintain journalist-friendly newsrooms.

Core Features:

  • The software has a vast database of over 1 million journalists and publications worldwide available in various languages.
  • Drag and drop email templates craft enticing emails with suggestions on personalization.
  • Their analytics feature tracks various PR metrics such as media coverage, social media mentions, website traffic, and the sources of traffic.
  • The powerful collaboration tool bridges the gap between team members, stakeholders, and clients. Users can assign tasks and set deadlines and track progress.

What we like:

Apart from the features that it offers, Prowly impresses with its clean and intuitive user interface. Customer onboarding is a breeze and takes you minutes to set up your profile.


Prowly offers a free 7-day trial along with transparent and affordable pricing plans. Unlike most PR tools, Prowly offers both monthly and yearly plans, so you don't have to sign up for a long-term commitment.

There are three pricing plans for Prowly:

    • Essential Bundle: Pricing is $479/month when billed monthly.
    • Professional Bundle: Pricing is $649/month when billed monthly.
  • Professional Plus Bundle: Pricing is $859/month when billed monthly.

3. Muck Rack

best pr tools, Muck RackImage Source

Muck Rack’s software enables PR teams to effectively find the right journalists for their stories, send customized pitches and collaborate as a team.

Today’s PR professionals have no time for inaccurate contact information, disjointed workflows, or archaic software. You can use Muck Rack to take your communications to the next level.

Muck Rack is also the solution of choice for journalists, who use their free, automatically updated portfolios to showcase their work and to provide information about what stories they’re looking for, their personal interests, and how they prefer to be pitched.

Core Features:

  • The most intriguing feature is its intuitive search engine that powers an up to date database of media outlets in your industry.
  • Their advanced AI and machine learning capability allows you to track popular news and receive alerts on who is writing new stories on the web.
  • Easily craft and track the email outreach campaigns using metrics like open rates and click rates.

What we like about Muck Rack?

Muck Rack’s user-friendly design and its real-time tracking capability have impressed us the most.

Users can create an online newsroom where they can show their press releases and media coverages to boost engagement and build brand reputation.


Users can request a free demo with all the pro features inside it. If you want to advance to the Pro features, the pricing is available on request.

4. Meltwater

best pr tools, Meltwater

Image Source

Meltwater is a PR and social media monitoring tool that allows managers to interact on social media, curate content, track competitors and emerging stories, and measure the results of their efforts.

Meltwater is used by businesses of all sizes to drive conversations online, curate touchpoints and generate relevant perceptions that help with brand building.

Core features include:

  • Real-time tracking enables organizations to monitor their branding efforts, analyze competitors and get important news.
  • Their advanced Boolean search queries help discover potential brands and products and conduct searches for mentions.
  • Their unified inbox provides seamless communication with the journalists and influencers as well as with the internal teams so that everyone stays on the same page.

What we like:

We’re impressed with Meltwater’s large array of features that it has for the PR industry.

Media intelligence, social mention, influencer marketing, media relations, consumer and sales intelligence make it a viable choice for all types of businesses.

Plus, you can effortlessly connect your data and integrate with various third-party tools through API boosting the usability further.


Meltwater's pricing depends on the client and their individual requirements, but plans have been known to have a yearly cost of $6,000 or more.

5. Prezly

best PR tools, Prezly

Image Source

Prezly is a PR publishing platform for communications professionals. The platform allows you to publish press releases and other stories in your own branded online newsrooms, plus you can send email pitches directly within the tool.

Allowing PR pros to create content and earn media opportunities from it — all in the same place — makes this product a unique addition to a business's PR team.

Core features include:

  • Supports more than 40 languages and offers translation from one language to another.
  • Users can embed videos, media, and even love streams with a few clicks.
  • The smart intelligence feature makes every story consistent adjusting to the brand’s tonality.
  • Send 1:1 email pitches and track the performance of your email campaigns right from the dashboard.

What we like:

What impressed us most about Prezly is its vast use cases. You can create an online newsroom or design a blog or knowledgebase, send a press release, or create a press kit.

Here is an example of a press release designed by Prezly. Notice the design is clean and the use of red font in the heading grabs the reader’s attention.

The press release discusses the Huawei laptop, so the image is large to give readers a visual.

Prezly Press release examples- best PR tools

Image Source


Users can leverage the 14-day free trial that comes with all the features in the basic plan. The tool offers monthly and yearly pricing on three pricing tiers for comms teams:

  • Starter plan costs $50 per user per month.
  • Core plan costs $90 per user per month.
  • Premium pricing plan costs $140 per user per month.

For large agencies, Prezly comes at $300/month with 3 users and 10 sites.

6. Mention

best pr tools, Mention

Image Source

With Mention, you input your company name, an executive's name, or other information you want to monitor. You can also get as granular as to specify the sources or sites you’d like the tool to monitor.

You can then get desktop or mobile notifications and emails when someone mentions the brand.

In addition, you can manage your social media accounts from the dashboard and respond, favorite, or complete other actions through the dashboard.

Core features include:

  • Use of boolean operators that block specific keywords, divide queries into multiple searches or create only specific queries.
  • Create labels for the mentions and sort the mentions that matter the most. Users can mark the post mentions as unread, priority, archived, and favorites.
  • Allows you to create custom reports and include the metrics that matter the most. Choose from various graphs like bar graphs, line graphs, and numbers to sort the data.

What we like:

Mention is an outstanding PR tool because it allows you to filter the results you’re interested in. With the tool’s Advanced Alerts feature, you can combine keywords or phrases to personalize your search.

We also love that this tool provides a free trial so you can test it out before you commit.


The yearly subscription gives you 2-months of free usage of this software. The pricing plans are divided into four tiers:

  • Solo plan costs $49 per month on yearly billing and $41 per month on annual billing.
  • Pro plan subscription costs $99 per month and $83 per month per user billed annually.
  • ProPlus plan charges $179 for a monthly subscription whereas $149 for an annual subscription.
  • Company plan pricing is available on request.

7. CoverageBook

best PR tools, coverage book

Image Source

CoverageBook makes it easy to collect and present the media mentions and results of your team’s earned efforts. You can upload offline coverage or simply input the URL of the article and Coverage Book will create a screenshot.

You can also dive deeper into individual articles and see their impact.

Core features include:

  • Centralized dashboard that can easily import coverage data from various sources such as websites, social media platforms, and print publications.
  • Customizable templates with drag-and-drop editors showcase media coverage in a clear and visually engaging format.
  • Download and export the customizable reports and data as PDF, Excel, or CSV files.

What we like:

One of the most versatile functionalities of CoverageBook is its ability to show SEO impact on the PR campaign. Another differentiating factor for CoverageBook is its incredibly intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Plus, if you have any questions, CoverageBook boasts a stellar customer support team and knowledge base to help you out.


Users love the 30-day free trial of CoverageBook. After the free trial period, they can choose any one of the four options:

  • Bronze plan costs $99 per month or $1,089 per year.
  • Bronze Plus is available for $169 per month or $1,859 per year.
  • The third plan, Silver costs $229 per month or $2,519 per year.
  • Lastly, the Gold plan subscription costs $599 per month or $6,589 per year.

8. Cision

best pr tools, cision

Image Source

Cision is one of the most well-known PR software tools on the market. Its database contains more than 1.6 million journalists, influencers, and editorial contacts.

This PR software connects and establishes relations with reporters from publications like New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN.

The platform provides advanced distribution, tracking, and analyzing features to make sure you never miss a mention or fail to prove the value of your agency's PR efforts.

Core features include:

  • Content amplification campaign feature shows the editorials and content in the recommended content module.
  • Their advanced analytics assigns a prominence score that tells the exact number of times a brand has been mentioned.
  • The monitoring feature enables PR agencies to track updated industry insights and news and keep an eye on competitors’ stories, news, social media, and broadcasts in real time.

What we like:

We appreciate the extensive media database in Cision, which provides access to a wide range of journalists, influencers, and media outlets.

This comprehensive resource with up-to-date contact information and beat preferences enables PR professionals to effectively target and engage with the right media contacts for their campaigns.

Pricing: Available upon request

9. Brand24

best pr tools, Brand24

Image Source

Brand24 lets you track social mentions and sentiment online to better understand how your audience is talking about your company online.

You can share alerts with other team members for one-on-one follow-ups, and the tool allows you to monitor the sentiment and mentions of competitors for a more holistic view of how the brand matches up.

Core features include:

  • Users can track the deviations and sudden volume changes in their brand mentions to spot problems in advance.
  • The software alerts the user about any change in the volume discussion or the brand mentions.
  • Easy export of data into various format types such as PDF reports, .xls files, and infographics.

What we like:

Brand24’s social media monitoring feature is one of its hallmarks, as it tracks brand mentions, keywords, and hashtags and initiates and engages with the audience through conversations.

Users also love the mobile app that helps manage projects on the go.


Like its rivals, Brand24 also offers a 14-day free trial after which users can choose from four varied pricing plans:

Individual plan costs $99 per month whereas Team plan costs $179 per month if you pay monthly. The higher-priced plans are the Pro plan which costs $249 per month and the Enterprise plan $499 per month.

10. Anewstip

best pr tools, Anewstip

Image Source

Anewstip is a search engine for finding journalists, influencers, and media outlets that have recently mentioned a topic on X (previously called Twitter).

The tool has a vast database of over a million media contacts and indexes 200 million news articles in real time.

Core features include:

  • Monitor tweets and articles published about a specific keyword.
  • Filter journalists by topic, and language, and then sort by influence, number of tweets, or how many times the person has mentioned your keyword.
  • Create media lists and export these for pitching or use the site's paid service to pitch and track outreach and response.

What we like:

We love the automatic list-building feature of Anewstip that builds custom lists based on certain criteria and monitors tweets and web mentions. Users can segment the list, upload and create auto-lists.


Users can start for free, but you are limited in what you can achieve with this plan. If you want to upgrade, there are three different plans:

  • Standard plan that costs $200 per month billed annually.
  • Professional plan costs $400 per month.
  • Partner plan pricing is available on request.

11. Agility PR Solutions

best pr tools, agility PR solutions

Image Source

Agility PR Solutions provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use media database, monitoring, and analytics solutions for communicators.

The service helps you distribute and analyze the results of press releases, providing access to more than 700,000 journalists, influencers, and bloggers all over the world.

Core features include:

  • Identify and connect with influencers, capture coverage, and measure the impact of everything you do.
  • Custom media monitoring makes it easy to track and measure traditional, broadcast, social media, and online coverage.
  • Users get a 360-degree view of the media coverage, risk mitigation, and business discovery.

What we like:

Agility PR is the best in this regard as it provides a ton of targeting and distribution options for reaching niche and industry contacts. You can also target individuals by location or job title.

Pricing: Available on quote

12. Brandwatch

best pr tools, Brandwatch

Image Source

Brandwatch is an enterprise-level social media monitoring tool that could be used to track ongoing PR campaigns. You can monitor relevant topics, mentions, purchase intent, the share of voice, and the top sites that mention the company.

Core features include:

  • Collect and categorize the conversations by feedback, complaints, and opinions.
  • Their consumer intelligence feature allows you to better understand your customer base.
  • It offers a unified digital asset library to store all your content in the content pool.

What we like:

In our opinion, the tool could be extremely useful during crisis situations or if you need to monitor a competitor‘s moves.

It could also be used to track breaking news so you can make sure your clients are at the top of a reporter’s list when they need a key source or commentary.

Pricing: Available on request

13. Critical Mention

best pr tools, critical mention

Image Source

Critical Mention is a media tracking tool where you can search TV, radio, online news, and social media to monitor mentions of your brand and trending topics relevant to your client.

With this service, you can clip and share broadcast coverage and analyze the outlet's audio,ence, and reach. Subscriptions to the site come with 24/7 support and account management.

Core features include:

  • Broadcast monitoring tools search for the most popular content on radio stations and TV.
  • Users can monitor the news coverage and brand mentions in 90+ languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • Real-time social listening alerts and tracks mentions across various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and X (Twitter).

What we like:

Out of so many features, our favorite one is the podcast monitoring feature. Users get real-time alerts as soon as the brand keyword gets mentioned on the podcasts.

Each type of monitoring displays a real-time analytics report along with cloud storage.

Price: Available on Request.

14. ResponseSource

ResponseSource- best PR software

Image Source

ResponseSource provides a free daily email that rounds up journalists in the UK that need a source. The email is organized by easy-to-digest categories such as tech, education, parents and children, etc.

The founders also have a complementary site called Hey Press, which is a search engine for finding journalists who have written about specific subjects and keywords.

Core features include:

  • Paid accounts get instant alerts for requests in a specific category or by selecting targeted keywords.
  • Users can subscribe and receive the news bulletin, industry trends, and essential moves.
  • Set up alerts and get custom press releases related to a specific keyword from a wide range of categories.

What we like:

This tool’s journalist inquiry service request form makes it easy to connect with freelance journalists or media reporters across the world.

Additionally, you can select from a number of categories and fill in the details such as "inquiry summary," "deadline leads," "what are you looking for," and "expertise sought."

Pricing: Contact for a quote.


15. Help a Reporter Out

best pr tools, Help a Reporter Out

Image Source

Help a Reporter Out, also known as HARO, is an invaluable resource for connecting your clients with journalists who are looking for expert sources.

Journalists list their needs through the site, and sources are notified three times per day of these ongoing media opportunities.

Often, reporters are working on deadlines, so be sure to let your client know that for the best luck, they should be flexible and available.

Core features include:

  • Subscribers receive daily email notifications with categorized queries from journalists looking for sources of their stories.
  • It further facilitates the relationships between journalists and sources by offering ongoing collaboration and fostering connections.
  • Journalists and PR professionals can connect seamlessly and communicate directly.

What we like:

HARO offers various features that set it apart from various platforms. The platform categorizes the queries and enables users to target specific areas and industries.


HARO comes free for basic plans.

If you need additional functionalities like keyword opportunities or profile creation, HARO comes with three pricing tiers:

  • Standard plan costs $19 per month
  • Advanced plan costs $49 per month
  • Premium plan costs $149 per month.

16. Globe Newswire

GlobeNewswire- best PR platforms

Image Source

Developing media relations is a central part of the PR jobs and Globe Newswire understands that well.

This is a leading press release distribution service that allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to distribute their news and announcements to a wide network of media outlets, journalists, and industry professionals.

Core features include:

  • AI-powered search engines recommend the relevant journalists using a vast contact database.
  • Notified PR platform improves the email outreach and speeds up the acquisition process.
  • Newsroom feature searches for the most popular news sorted by industry or areas of interest.

What we like:

Globe Newswire has associations with a number of publications and media houses, and they have a large reader base with over 1,936,050 published press releases to date.

Pricing: Contact for a quote.

17. PRWeb by Cision

best pr tools, PRWeb

Image Source

If you‘re looking to distribute your client’s press release, PRWeb is an affordable option.

Now owned by Cision (the seventh PR tool on this list), PRWeb's pricing levels are based on what tier or type of publication you would like your release to be sent to, and it provides response and tracking features for showcasing impact and results.

Core features included:

  • Users can create press releases from pre-made templates or right from scratch that offers wide formatting options.
  • Search for the distributors and journalists by strolling down to your niche and specific industry type.
  • The dashboard includes reporting and analytics that tracks the press coverage in real time.

What we like:

PR Web’s leading search engine visibility is one of the best things that has impressed us most. The custom dashboard offers robust SEO solutions that improve visibility and drive search engine results.


PRWeb offers four subscription plans. They are as follows:

  • Basic tier charges $105 for one press release.
  • Standard plan costs $220 per press release.
  • Advanced plan costs $325 per press release.
  • Premium plan costs $435 per press release.

18. Covered Press

Covered Press- best PR software

Covered Press streamlines press tracking, reporting, and analytics, combining three important tools into a single, all-in-one PR platform. It also offers white-label reporting so publicists can brand their own analytics portals and reports for clients.

Core features include:

  • Connect and pitch journalists through live chat and know when your pitch is read.
  • Publicists can connect seamlessly through calls for story ideas.
  • Click on the journalist's profile and you can track their ongoing assignments so that you don’t follow up on stories they’ve already completed.

What we like:

We were most impressed by this tool’s dashboard and its modern design. Besides that, there are 15 different report templates that are perfect for different industries and integrate seamlessly with Canva.


When you subscribe to a yearly plan, you get one-month free in your subscription. CoveredPress has four pricing plans with the basic plan starting from $99 per month and the most expensive plan costing $699 per month.

19. Onclusive

Onclusive- best PR software

Image Source

Onclusive is one of the most robust PR software tools that helps teams gauge return on investment, discover trends in real-time, measure social amplification, and perform outreach. Onclusive leverages AI, machine learning, and data science to get performance metrics and KPIs.

Core features include:

  • Monitors over 6 million articles across various media channels, digital, print, television and radio.
  • Data science technology uses natural language processing (NLP) and AI to sort out the articles that resonate with your brand’s voice and identify media sentiments.
  • Get complete coverage and prior alerts of any new brand mentions. Plus, you can get alerts when your competitors are mentioned.

What we like:

Onclusive knows the difference between news and noise. The most impressive feature of this PR tool is that it uses AI technology to measure various metrics like SEO, ROI, Brand awareness, and Customer Interest.

Plus, the real-time report gives accurate metrics married with Google Analytics.

Pricing: Available on request

20. Business Wire

Business Wire- PR tools

Image Source

Business Wire distributes your press releases and information to 89,000 media outlets in 162 countries and allows for videos, links, photos, and other information within your releases. Business Wire's pricing is based on the size of your press release in a number of words.

Core features include:

  • The vast global distribution network distributes press releases across various regions around the world in different languages.
  • Their services include social sharing and the inclusion of multimedia elements like images and videos.
  • Report feature provides key audience metrics, clicks, social media analytics, and multimedia capability.

What we like:

Business Wire makes it into our list of best PR tools because of its vast national and global distribution features. The reports feature has impressed us with its easy segmented report and gauge investor as well as audience reports.

Pricing: Available upon request

21. Radio Guest List

best pr tools, radio guest list

Radio Guest List is the HARO of the audio world.

You can sign up for email notifications from producers, journalists, and podcast hosts who are looking for experts on specific topics so you can reach out with your credentials and express your interest.

Core features include:

  • Users can peruse the large directory of radio shows and podcasts.
  • Their premium email alert includes a list of all the podcast and radio show opportunities that are not available in the free service.
  • Get featured as a guest expert across various media channels including radio, TV shows, podcasts, and newspapers.

What we like:

You have the opportunity to lend your voice to a podcast and share your expertise.

Pricing: Free

22. TalkWalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts, Best PR tools

Image Source

TalkWalker alerts is a free brand reputation management tool that sends email alerts about the latest relevant mentions on the Internet.

A free alternative to Google Trends, Talkwalker comes with alert campaigns and social media monitoring.

Talkwalker collects all the mentions directly in your inbox so you can learn in real-time how voices online are responding to your brand.

Core features include:

  • Unlike Google Alerts, this free alert tool only sends alerts about popular social media posts and online conversations.
  • Use advanced boolean search operators to filter out specific keywords or strings of keywords from the mentions.
  • Users can filter the channels and use a specific channel to track their brand mentions.

What we like:

This tool might not have as many features as some of the others on this list, but what it does do it does exceptionally well. Because of that, it’s one of the best PR tools you can find.

Pricing: Available upon request

23. pr.co

best pr tools, pr.co

Image Source

The team at pr.co designs and develops tailor-made newsrooms for brands and PR agencies.

The newsrooms are powered by a platform that allows agencies to easily publish client news, build press lists, pitch news to media contacts, and manage complex editorial workflows.

With agencies in mind, pr.co has developed portfolio newsrooms to increase inbound PR, generate more media exposure, and to make sure that your press network can find news from all your clients.

They offer their services to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) free of charge.

Core features:

  • A structured digital newsroom that keeps all your press releases together and helps understand your brand.
  • It comes with an impactful PR CRM that identifies the right media person and sends custom emails and follow-ups thereafter.
  • The smart tag filters combs through a vast network of influencers and builds a niche email list.

What we like:

PR.co offers a comprehensive set of features for running a successful PR campaign. Through its newsroom capabilities, email outreach, and collaboration software, capturing the right journalists doesn’t feel like a bloodbath.

What’s more intriguing is its ability to host engaging virtual events and press releases across various streaming channels.


You’ll pay €129/month for the Press Page level of subscription. For Online Newsroom, you’ll pay €297/month. For Corporate Hub, contact the sales team for pricing.

24. Respona

Respona, best PR tools

Image Source

Respona is a digital PR link-building tool that streamlines your entire link-building right from start to finish. Use Respona to build quality inbound links and reach out to the most followed influencers in your industry.

Core features include:

  • Look for outreach opportunities by using the live search feature across web search, podcast search, and backlink search.
  • Users can pick the pre-made templates or create custom sequence emails with personalized subject lines right away.

What we like:

Respona does an excellent job of combining personalization with productivity. Along with collaboration, users can send personalized emails or set up drip email campaigns to improve open rates.

This tool’s email tracking and reporting capabilities also standout.


Respona offers a 14-day free trial. The starter plan costs $197 per month with three email accounts. If you need unlimited email accounts, choose the Unlimited plan that starts at $399 per month.

25. Flaunter

Flaunter, best PR tools

Image Source

Flaunter allows brands to connect with media, content creators, and stylists in one visually appealing place.

With its help, you can manage your marketing and PR assets in one place, build relationships with journalists, and even gain insights on KPIs.

Core features include:

  • Centralized location for storing all the press releases in one place and users can easily place tags to ease search.
  • Gauge the audience interest and capture brand engagement through quick and comprehensive reports that take less than a minute to prepare and download.
  • Add-on service for brands and agencies that include features like press release writing, brand development, and PR distribution.

What we like:

Flaunter is perfect for fashion brands that need fully digital showroom tracking capability. The central dashboard works great for the editors, PRs as well as for the designing team.

The cloud storage eliminates the need for maintaining any Excel sheets and instead secures all your content in the Flaunter repository.


Users can start with its 14-day free trial to test all the features of Flaunter. The annual subscription however gives a 10% discount on the billing.

It has four pricing plans. If you buy your subscription monthly, here’s how much you can expect to pay:

  • The emerging plan costs $99 per month
  • Growth plan costs $199 per month
  • Pro plan costs $349 per month
  • Agency plans for PR agencies cost $499/month.

26. SourceBottle

sourcebottle, best PR software

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SourceBottle looks much like the prominent HARO services. The difference -- it focuses more on product reviews and sponsorships whereas HARO connects journalists from sources in every field.

This PR platform works seamlessly in connecting journalists with sources across the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Core features include:

  • Easy filter options help search and sort out the subject experts and journalists across all the fields.
  • Get featured on the expert profile section for $25 for journalists and bloggers to pitch.
  • SourceBottle also finds free giveaways, events, and case studies for PRs to provide expert opinions and pitch media opportunities.

What we like:

SourceBottle is a great tool to connect subject matter experts with journalists. Our favorite features are that you get mentions in reputable media outlets and also earn link-building opportunities.

Subscribers receive daily email alerts with a list of all call-outs of the topic that interests them.


Available on request

27. ProfNet

ProfNet PR Platform for Journalists

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If you are an expert looking for a journalist to quote you in their story, ProfNet by Cision is a free service. Since 1992, ProfNet has been connecting experts with journalists assisting them in finding high-quality PR professionals.

This PR distribution service is widely used by Government officials, academic researchers, publishers, and industry analysts across the world.

Core features include:

  • An interactive community forum that connects journalists, reporters, and bloggers so that they can search photos and videos by keywords.
  • Users can sort the journalist search using filters such as geographical location, and institution type.
  • Set up email alerts for your query and receive a request from the journalists looking for expert quotes.

What we like:

Being in the Cision family, ProfNet publishes the news and stories on over 200,000+ newsrooms and direct feeds. Their large network of publishers and journalists gives exposure on the most authoritative news sites and publications.


Available upon request

Give the Best PR Tools a Try

Ultimately, finding the best PR tools for your agency is a work in progress. It’s okay to try different tools until you find the one that suits your needs — in fact, it’s what we recommend!

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