What Does Blogging Actually Mean? [Marketing Cast]

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Magdalena Georgieva
Magdalena Georgieva



We often refer to business blogging as an essential part of inbound marketing, but what does it actually constitute? Is it a form of social media? Or is it a hybrid between journalism and something else?

"The phrase ‘blogging’ is just semantics," says David Meerman Scott. It basically refers to a platform for someone to create content with passion and build a community around it.

Blogging Is A Way to Run A Business

When it comes down to it, a blog is just a website. It allows you to communicate with an audience and spread a message. Today, many people are running their entire businesses on blogs. Thus, they rank well in search engines and leverage PR opportunities. 

Blogging Is About Interaction

Blogging provides you with a platform to engage with your audience. If someone leaves a comment on your blog, respond to it. Also engage with other bloggers who write on subjects similar to yours. “If you just try to be this island in the middle of the sea, it is much harder to attract people to you,” David points out. Instead, you need to be actively forming new relationships with fellow bloggers.

As David says, "don’t get hung up on the semantics," but go ahead and start publishing!

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