Think Like a Publisher: 3 Tips to Generate More Leads

David Shepherd
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Think about it: both types of business are trying to attract a lot of quality traffic and they both are trying to generate revenue. Once a visitor is on either type of website, the first step to generating revenue comes from a simple mouse click on an advertisement or an call-to-action (CTA). As a business owner or marketer looking to increase revenue, it is critical to boost the flow of new inbound leads to drive revenue growth.  Because sites that make money from pay-per-click advertising are experts at driving more clicks on their ads, business owners can learn from them about how to produce more clicks on their CTAs, and thus, generate more leads.

The trick is to become a vertically integrated publisher. Instead of paying for advertising space on another site, start a business blog and bring in more traffic to your own website and display your own "ads" in the form of CTAs. Think more like an advertiser by leveraging some of these lessons.

3 Lessons To Generate More Online Leads 

1. Ad Placement - One of the key components of generating revenue from advertising is based upon the position of your ads. You may have noticed that search engines have advertising at the top of the page and down the right hand side of the search results pages. This is because this is the optimal arrangement of ads to generate revenue without annoying visitors. You should think about placing your calls to actions in similar locations. Other good places are above or below the title and directly after the content on blog articles.

2.  Get Noticed - Generating clicks is all about standing out. Now that you have your CTAs in the right places to get noticed, you should help them stand out from everything else on the page. Images or bright colors will draw peoples attention. Another trick is to use contrasting colors. If your site is blue, try a green CTA. It will be sure to stand out.

3. Be Relevant - One secret to generating clicks is having an offer that is similar to the interests of the visitor. Google serves ads based upon keywords from the content of the page. If you have an offer on a page about apples, try a CTA about apples or fruit, but avoid offers about meat or vegetables. The more related the CTA is to your pages content the more clicks you will get on the CTA.

What are other ways you can think like a publisher?

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