Halligan_Twitter-1Get ready for this stat, marketers, because it's going to blow you out of the water: Only 18% of Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter. Put another way -- 82% of Fortune 500 CEOs are missing out on the opportunity to lend an authentic voice to their brand, share product news, and hear from customers. 

That's an insanely low percentage of CEOs taking advantage of an awesome opportunity -- especially when you know that 90% of these same CEOs believe social media is most important in enhancing company reputation and brand awareness. 

At the same time, we can also sympathize a bit with these CEOs. Knowing how to use social media properly takes time -- but once these CEOs are up to speed, they can reap the benefits. According to a Weber Shandwick survey, CEOs who use social media are viewed as better communicators, more open and accessible, and more inspirational than CEOs who don't. 

Given all of these barriers to create and maintain an account, how is a CEO supposed to go the extra mile and actually be interesting on Twitter?
We turned to an expert to ask for help--Jessica Hagy is the author of "How To Be Interesting: An Instruction Manual," an artist, and well-known blogger at Indexed. She provided some advice and simple but powerful illustrations to help executives be more interesting on Twitter. Bonus: there's some funny, lovable advice for the rest of us.

5 Ways CEOs Can Be Interesting on Twitter

1) Avoid the stodgy stereotype.

A little personality goes a long way toward humanizing and improving your personal brand. It's okay to have personality online -- people may even love you for it.

2) Stand for something other than money.

Money is boring -- it's what you do with your money that counts. Define that purpose and your tweets will go from ordinary to amazing.

3) Make yourself the company mascot.

Don't be an interchangeable cog in your company's wheel. Speak up and say something worth listening to.

4) Get yourself out of work more often.

Cultivate a personal project or a deeper family connection and let it shine on Twitter. It will add much-needed depth to your character.

5) Speak real words in public.

Don't be afraid to sound sincere, emotional, or enthusiastic. You'll be way more believable and personable to your followers.

What else makes a CEO interesting to you on Twitter? Share your favorite CEO Twitter accounts with us in the comments and explain why you love them. 

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Originally published Jun 3, 2013 9:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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