The Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing [Free Training Deck]

Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson



inbound-marketing-overview-training-presentation-1-1Has anybody -- perhaps by a colleague or client -- ever asked you what exactly “inbound marketing” means? Have you ever asked anyone that question?

Even though “inbound marketing” as a term has been around for nearly a decade and grown immensely in popularity, there’s still some confusion about what it is or what it means, or how it differs from other digital-marketing-related words like:

  • search engine marketing
  • content marketing
  • permission marketing
  • internet marketing
  • online marketing
  • digital marketing
  • social media marketing
  • web marketing

Rather than slice and dice the similarities and differences between all these terms (there’s definitely overlap among all of them), it’s simpler to define inbound marketing in three ways:

  1. Inbound marketing as a philosophy
  2. Inbound marketing as methodology
  3. and inbound marketing a set of tools

We expand on each of those facets in the comprehensive, downloadable, and customizable PowerPoint training presentation below, which you can flip through to teach yourself or anyone else all about inbound. It covers what inbound marketing is (the methodology), why it works (the philosophy), and what digital tools inbound marketers use to attract leads and customers online (the playbook).

Who do you know who could benefit from some inbound marketing 101?

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