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January 13, 2016

3 Proven Tactics to Overcome Sales Objections

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After several contact attempts I finally received a response from my prospect and they agreed to a phone call. A quick greeting, some small talk, and things were moving along nicely -- that is, until they said “Your product is too expensive.”

I completely froze. I was unprepared to get an objection so quickly into the phone call. And that's not the only objection I've come up against early on. From prospects saying they don't have time or that they need to talk to their manager, objections happen during almost every sales process -- even with the buyers that eventually convert.

However, there are proven processes sales reps use to handle objections that benefit both the customer and the rep. From talking with top sales reps, we pulled together three specific tactics to overcome objections.

These proven processes include:

  • Benefits checklist 
  • The LAER process
  • Pain gain funnel

Unlock the three tactics to overcome sales objections so the next time a prospect says your product is too expensive you’ll know what to do. Simply click below, and get reading.

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