14 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes for 2022

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Affiliate marketing has grown leaps and bounds since its start more than a decade ago. As more people move their shopping online, internet bloggers and marketers can now earn passive income by selling products attached to an affiliate commission.

If you’re looking for an affiliate program to join, Amazon Associates is one of the best. Amazon is a leader of online retail and sells just about any product you can think of. No matter the niche of your site, there’s a relevant affiliate link that you can place. Best of all, joining Amazon Associates is free.

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Amazon affiliate websites most often take the form of blogs that review or recommend Amazon products, or ecommerce sites that list Amazon products. Either way, WordPress is a great way to set up such a website fast. Plus, you can install an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme to tie everything together.

The right affiliate theme lets you easily place your affiliate links on your site. Some also include useful perks like comparison tables and optimization for display ads. In this post, we’ve found the best 14 Amazon Affiliate WordPress themes to help Amazon Associates create an affiliate niche site and make easy revenue.

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1. REHub

The REHub theme is our top choice for this list — it’s one of the best options for WordPress admins looking to open an Amazon affiliate webstore. REHub is built for affiliate marketing from the ground up, letting you create a shop, directory, or coupon store.

With its over 30 product and post layouts, REHub offers many ways to present your affiliate products, including a product comparison chart maker so visitors can make more informed purchases through your website. Creating these pages is simple thanks to REHub’s compatibility with the Elementor and WPBakery drag-and-drop page builders, and it’s also a WooCommerce-ready theme.

Some affiliate themes neglect the design aspect, but not this one. REHub’s demos are gorgeous and showcase all that the theme offers, like impressive animations and responsive, sleek page elements. With REHub, your pages will be fast and SEO-friendly as well.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme rehub

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2. Kingdom

Kingdom lets any new WordPress website owner launch a passive income site in record time thanks to its compatibility with the Amazon affiliate plugin WZone, which turns WooCommerce websites into affiliate sites.

Kingdom is an ecommerce-centric theme that offers a healthy number of templates for your homepage, product listing pages, and product description pages. With its seamless WooCommerce integration, you’ll just have to worry about design — WooCommerce and WZone can handle the store functions for you.

Kingdom theme also comes with the premium Gutemplate plugin, a templates library with layouts to support your affiliate store, as well as the CTA plugin ConvertPlus and the Premium SEO pack plugin to bump up your search ranking.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme kingdom

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3. MoneyFlow

The name says it all — MoneyFlow is a theme for content creators who want to earn income through their content as quickly as possible. Monetize any kind of website with Amazon affiliate links, from blogs to stores to business sites.

MoneyFlow is optimized for WooCommerce as well as Google AdSense so you can place affiliate listings and display ads side-by-side. It’s also highly customizable and includes several homepage layout templates and a featured posts section. Templates can include an image slider and parallax scrolling for a more professional look.

Lastly, MoneyFlow’s pages are responsive, SEO-friendly, and compatible with most major builder plugins.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme moneyflow

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4. Divi

The first of two multipurpose themes on this list, Divi is one of the most powerful and flexible themes for WordPress sites of all types, including online stores and affiliate sites. Divi is really two products in one: a WordPress theme and a page builder. Together, Divi reformats your dashboard interface into an intuitive drag-and-drop sandbox.

Purchasing Divi gives you access to its dozens of full website demos which you can import and customize. Among these demos are several storefront themes, great for placing Amazon affiliate links in style.

A membership to Divi also includes the Bloom email opt-in plugin and the Monarch social sharing plugin, both of which can help get your name out and grow your audience. See our full review of Divi to learn more.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme divi

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5. Sahifa

A prominent player in the WordPress theme space for 10 years, Sahifa might just be the perfect theme for your news site, entertainment site, or blog. Mobile-friendly and easily customizable via the powerful admin panel, this theme gives publishers the freedom to build the site they want and place affiliate links throughout.

Whether you want to place affiliate products as links in your content, as display ads in your sidebar, or as featured products in a WooCommerce shop, Sahifa can make it happen. To make your pages, Sahifa is based on the TiePage Builder, a drag-and-drop tool that doesn’t require installing any third-party plugins to construct layouts.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme sahifa

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6. Electro

Electro is a popular theme for online stores selling electronics. Its beautiful designs and layouts help Amazon affiliates showcase products in their best light. Set up the store yourself, or integrate with WooCommerce and Elementor to build out your product pages.

This theme comes with page features that are tough to find in non-affiliate themes: There are product comparison tables, multi-vendor compatibility, and product accessory recommendations like Amazon provides. Also, there’s a library of importable demos so you can make any of the example sites your own.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme electro

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7. Yozi

Yozi is another theme for electronic stores that want to support multiple vendors. It’s also packed with features to help your visitors find the products they want, including mega menus, advanced searching with live results, reviews, product carousels, and related product recommendations.

Yozi is meant to be paired with WooCommerce and requires a multi-vendor plugin if you want to place products from stores other than Amazon. Its eight homepage layouts are all product-centric, listing out items in a grid fashion. That way, prospective buyers can scan for what they need, or filter by categories you create.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme yozi

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8. Comre

Comre is a solid choice for converting your WordPress website into a site for coupons and promo codes. Its layouts are set up for displaying offers in a card grid style, and visitors can click a card to view codes.

As an Amazon affiliate, you can use this theme for posting products and Amazon discount codes. The entire theme is clean and simple, with responsive elements and premium builder plugins included. There’s also a way for visitors to submit coupon codes through a forum on your website if you’d like.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme comre

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9. Avada

Our second featured multipurpose theme is Avada, the top-selling theme in the ThemeForest marketplace. Avada is a theme and page builder in one, and this combination empowers WordPress admins to make gorgeous sites without writing any code — check out our favorite Avada website examples to see what we mean.

For your purposes, the Avada theme has 83 pre-built websites, and 20 of these are for online stores and WooCommerce sites. Utilize any of these websites to build your own — simply import them theme, tweak the style, and add your content and affiliate links to make an Amazon affiliate site that’s a league above the rest.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme avada

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10. iffiliate

The iffiliate theme is dedicated to WooCommerce affiliates and has the specs to back it up. First, this theme includes importable demos for product affiliate sites, travel affiliate sites, web hosting and VPN affiliate sites, booksellers, and other categories. This makes it possible for Amazon affiliates to create a website related to their niche, or to sell more broadly across product categories.

Next, iffiliate comes with elegant, minimal product listing pages and single-product pages, live search results, mega menus, as well as blog and context pages. It’s all you need to insert your Amazon affiliate links and get going.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme iffiliate

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11. Splash

Splash is a WordPress blogging theme for product reviews — if you rate Amazon products, you can leverage this theme’s built-in review system, complete with comments and star ratings for different aspects of the product that you can set.

Beyond this, Splash has all the features affiliates need for an engaging, SEO-friendly blog. There are custom widgets for popular and recent posts, social media integrations, lazy loading for images, fast updates, and support for WooCommerce to set up an online store alongside your blog content.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme splash

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12. Authority

Authority is our second blogging theme that’s excellent for affiliate sites. Fully responsive and SEO-optimized, Authority brings four unique homepage layouts that all perform fast. The affiliate links that you place won’t slow down your load times, so visitors will stick around.

The Authority theme also allows users to customize the nitty-gritty of their site’s features, from changing performance options to altering the design of headers, footers, and sidebars to customizing single-post layouts that can then be applied to all posts on your site. And, of course, this theme supports WooCommerce sites too.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme authority

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13. Coupon Theme

Coupon Theme is another option best for those who are planning to set up coupon websites. The earnings are made through referrals that are done by listing discount coupons from Amazon. Coupon Theme brings a 100% responsive design with more than 200 payment gateways.

The theme is also optimized for search engines and affiliate marketing — it cloaks affiliate links automatically and lets you place pop-ups where users copy code with the click of a button. Admins can customize what should happen when customers click on the coupon and how the user wants to be paid.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme coupon theme

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14. Clipper

Let’s round out our list with one final coupon and promo code theme. Clipper is a popular coupon WordPress theme that makes it onto this list for its ease of use — anyone can create a simple coupon site with Clipper, and you don’t have to indulge in fancy add-ons to make it work.

Clipper automatically cloaks affiliate links and lets you set various options for your link cloaking. There are also store and blog pages for additional content and purchase points, and customers can even subscribe to promotions via email.

demo page for the amazon affiliate wordpress theme clipper

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Themes for Amazon Associates

An affiliate website is a very specific type of website, but there are still plenty of theme options to pick from. They might be premium themes, but the money earned from a high-quality affiliate website should make up for the one-time purchase in relatively little time.

Once you’ve got a theme installed, be sure to see our recommendations for the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to help you better place and track your links, and download the HubSpot WordPress Plugin to connect our free CRM to your site, get live chat, enable forms, and see how your site is doing with detailed analytics.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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