Episode #60 - October 2, 2009
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  • @ GregFlyRealty : @ mvolpe - Any chance you will be discussing social bookmarking and how that affects inbound marketing?


Twitter Launches Lists

HubSpot Launches Automatic Source Based Analytics

  • HubSpot Launches a New Marketing Analytics Package: Traffic Sources
  • "Marketing analytics show you which traffic source is converting visitors to leads, and which source is converting leads to customers. Marketing analytics let you dive into the data and see how the conversion rate changes over time for each source and campaign."
  • Pro Tip of the Day: Right click on the chart to print or save as image.
  • Marketing Takeaway : If you are a HubSpot Customer, check out sources! If you aren't a HubSpot customer, look at your web analytics from a marketing perspective to find out what sources are converting to leads and customers best.

Bikini Waxing 101

Vegemite new product naming contest goes bad?

Google SideWiki

Forum Fodder

  • From InboundMarketing.com: Does a blog need to be hosted on the same server as your corporate website?   
  • Aaron Davis: I recently switched my blog from an address independent of my site to an address withing my site...www.continuingeducationjournal.com --> blog.internetce.com. While I have completed this, I have moved both onto the same actual server. Will this have any effect on my ability to appreciate its subsequent SEO?
  • There is a BIG difference between URL and server.

Marketing Tip of the Week: Remember that great customer service is good marketing.


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