Another month, another fresh batch of HubSpot product updates to share with you. We've launched a number of new tools and features over the past month, all geared towards helping you and your business grow better.

Here’s what’s new in HubSpot this October. Check out the video below, along with written descriptions of each update. 

What’s New in Marketing Hub?

Here are seven new Enterprise features to help you grow better.

As your company grows, your business will undoubtedly become more complex. You’ll have more campaigns, more people, more competition, and less room for error. But one thing that doesn’t need to grow with you is the list of tools you use to manage your business. Marketing Hub Enterprise now grows with you, and we just launched seven new features to help your scaling business succeed. From content partitioning to email send frequency caps, these features are meant to match how your company does business and accelerate your growth.


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What’s New in Sales Hub?

Understand the success of your playbooks with property linking and playbook types.

Playbooks let you arm your sales team for success — giving them the resources they need and the questions to ask to get the most out of each interaction they have with a prospect. We’ve just made two updates to this tool to make it even easier to implement amongst your sales reps and report on information gathered on the phone. First, publishers can now link questions and answers in a playbook to a contact property within the CRM, giving you additional reporting power on your sales interactions. Second, you can now create two different types of playbooks: “call scripts,” and “how-tos.” Playbook types let sales managers be prescriptive with how their content should be used by reps, taking the guesswork out of finding success.

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What’s New in Service Hub? 

Solve for the customer with knowledge base search reporting.

Customer listening is essential to the success of your company. This can be as involved as directly interviewing your customers, and as passive as analyzing what they are searching to find answers to their problems. Now within the knowledge base, you can report on the search terms your customers are entering to find solutions to their problems. See how many searches are being made for specific terms, and whether or not their query led them to an article. Analyzing this data can give you invaluable insight into the problems your customer face, and even pinpoint exactly what your next knowledge base article should be.

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Improve the quality of your knowledge base through article feedback.

Making sure your articles are sufficiently solving your customers problems is essential in delivering effective self help to your customers. But without proper feedback channels in place, it can be difficult to understand whether or not your customers find your articles useful. With this in mind, Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers now have access to article feedback. Customers can quickly mark an article as “Helpful” or “Unhelpful.” Within HubSpot, you can easily see how customers are receiving your help articles, and even track article feedback on individual contact records.

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Automate next steps within customer loyalty surveys.

The data you gather from customer feedback is essential for growth. But feedback only fuels your growth if you take action on it. To help you action the feedback you receive through customer loyalty surveys, we’ve added an automation step right within the survey creation process. Automatically ask for testimonials from your promoters, while notifying internal stakeholders of detractors so appropriate action can be taken. With automation in the feedback tool, you can easily begin turning your customers into an engine for your growth.

customer loyalty survey

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What's New in HubSpot Connect?

HubSpot only gets better as you integrate more tools with it. Luckily, our HubSpot Connect integrations library is constantly growing to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether your analyzing webinar engagement data using Twenty Three, or using atEvent for your event marketing strategy, HubSpot Connect has a solution for you.

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Originally published Nov 6, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated September 05 2019