watching-tvAnother year is on the cusp of completion, meaning it was another year in which we saw some remarkable, whacked-out, inspirational, and innovative commercials.

Each year, we get a healthy dose of TV spots from brands big and small -- some of which we expect to see high-quality ads from, and others that come out of nowhere with an uber-creative promo or two.

Before you set off to work on your marketing for 2014, we figured you'd be interested in seeing what we deemed to be the best and brightest of 2013.

So, grab some popcorn (or another equally delightful snack), kick back (or sit upright -- we're not the boss of you), and take a gander below at 10 of the most memorable and impactful commercials to hit the airwaves this year (in no particular ranking or order).

The 10 Best Commercials of 2013

1) Dodge - The Ron Burgundy Commercials

Yes, all of the Dodge Durango commercials featuring Mr. Burgundy are just shameless promotion from funnyman Will Ferrell for Anchorman 2 -- and yet, I couldn't care less. The SNL Hall-of-Famer (man, they could use him today) completely delivers in every last one of these ads.

2) Geico - "Hump Day"

This spot from Geico (which added something to its advertising mix besides a British lizard) was quite popular in 2013 -- so much so it caused an entire middle school to ban the phrase "hump day" from being uttered because middle-schoolers wouldn't stop saying it in class. Powerful stuff. Some sources have even ranked the promo highly on their lists of most popular viral vids from the past year.

3) AT&T - "It's Not Complicated"

Leave it to one of the biggest brands in the world to come up with such a simple concept: unscripted kids speaking candidly. These ads certainly prove kids say the darndest things -- and it clearly makes for some solid commercial material.

4) Guinness - "Basketball Commercial"

One of a few sentimental promos featured on this list comes from what you may deem an unlikely source: Guinness. The beermaker tugs on the heartstrings with this ad that focuses on friendship, loyalty, and character. Now that's great storytelling that can garner a hefty amount of brand awareness (the awesome song by The Cinematic Orchestra doesn't hurt either).

5) Volvo - "The Epic Split"

The Van Damme-inator is back, and he is quite ... uh ... flexible, as we learn in this straightforward commercial. Oh, and please don't do this at home (it's not like you have two 18-wheelers at your disposal to do so, but I felt obligated to warn you nonetheless).

6) GoPro - "Fireman Saves Kitten"

Warning: You may need tissues for this one. One of the premier ads this year came from the innovative GoPro. What better way to show off an amazing attachable camera than putting it on a fireman on the job. Add in the fact that said fireman wearing the tech saved a small kitten while filming and you get this heartwarming vid.

7) Skype - "Stay Together"

Still got the tissues handy? Yup -- you'll need 'em again. This is definitely the epitome of engaging storytelling, and though you only see Skype actually being used sparingly in the ad, you can feel just how important the seemingly minor digital connection has meant to these two young girls.

8) Apple - "FaceTime Every Day"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know -- Apple is the best at everything and this is an obvious choice. Don't care. The company has always been among the best of the best with its ads, and this one proves no different. It's amazing how powerful some commercials can be with such subtlety.

9) Evian - "Baby and Me"

Babies sell. It's been proven over and over again (thankfully, we don't have that E-Trade baby around anymore, though -- that series of commercials lasted about a year longer than it should). Where was I? Oh right -- this ad playfully uses the baby meme to near-perfection.

10) GoldieBlox - "Girls"

Despite a lawsuit that was levied at GoldieBlox for (allegedly) illegally infringing upon the famed Beastie Boys track this promo was named after by creating a new version, this commercial is still excellent. Anything that shows demographics going against stereotype is A-okay in my book. Bravo, GoldieBlox.

Okay, so we got our favorites out of the way -- and we know you wanna chime in. What were some of the memorable commercials from these past 12 months that stood out to you?

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Originally published Dec 26, 2013 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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