Going on Vacation? 7 Clever & Effective Out-of-Office Replies to Try

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Anum Hussain
Anum Hussain



When I go on vacation, I completely turn off work ... but I don't stop marketing.

Of course I don't actually work while I'm on vacation. It wouldn't truly be a vacation if I did. I use my out-of-office reply to continue marketing while I'm gone. Below is my most recent one.

Warning: It's a bit of a shocker to the eye.

sidekick-email-etiquette anum out of office message

Surprisingly, I got a fair amount of traffic and plenty of happy responses to the unique approach when all I was really trying to do was get our latest piece of content on email etiquette tips some lovin'.

Using my out-of-office as a mini marketing campaign helps me justify leaving my inbox for a while while vacationing. Since then, a few people have asked for creative inspiration, so I decided to put together some general templates that could come in handy for your next vacation. If you're looking for a completely comedic approach, I recommend checking out this post on hilarious out-of-office replies instead

Need help brainstorming your own auto-responses to work email? Try HubSpot's Out-of-Office Email Generator. And while you're at it, take a page from the following templates below.

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Out-of-Office Email Examples to Try for Your Next Vacation

1. The Content Marketing Template

[Greeting of Choice],

Words words words. That's my job as a content marketer -- knowing words, sharing words, converting with words. But I'm currently out-of-office and saving all my words for when I return on [Date]. Before I left, I published some great words here: [Insert Link]

Until then, I apologize for any delay in responding to your message. 

[Signature of Choice],
[Your Name]

2. The Email Marketing Template

[Greeting of Choice],

There's nothing more ironic than an inbound marketer sending an impersonalized, automated, and annoying message back to every single person who tries to email them. But hey, INSERT.FIRST.NAME, at least I didn't buy this list. Ha ha ha.

Okay but really, I'm out-of-office and will get back to your email at some point after [Date]. Apologies for any delays until then!

[Signature of Choice],
[Your Name]

3. The Social Media Marketing Template

So ... this OOO response is essentially as irking as an automated Twitter DM. Both are unwanted, unnecessary, and not actually effective.

Fortunately this automation will end when I return to the office on [Date]. Until then, let this email serve as a reminder: Auto-DMs are never a good idea.

[Signature of Choice],
[Your Name]

4. The Sales Enablement Template

[Greeting of Choice],  

As if the auto-reply didn't make it obvious, I'm currently out-of-the office until [Date].  

Let’s not waste either of our time though -- we both want to set you up for success. So let me give you a handful of people that can help you in my absence.  

Just click here to contact sales. They’ll take care of you. No B.S. -- just straight talk.

[Signature of Choice],
[Your Name]

5. The Public Relations Template 


On [Date], [Your Name] announced a temporary leave of absence from their inbox. [Your Name] is traveling with limited access to internet through [Date]. According to me, the founder and CEO of this very email address, "When life hands you lemons, go on vacation and turn off all email until you return."

All inquiries on this matter will be responded to after [Date]. No media placements on this matter will be accepted at this time. 


6. The Website Manager's Template

<div class="OOO" style="width: auto; height: auto;">

<p> Hi there. I'm currently out-of-office with limited access to the internet through [Date]. </p>

<p> Upon return, I'll do my best to respond to your messages in a timely manner. </p>

<p style="font-style: italic;"> All the best, </p>

<p> [Your Name] </p>


7. The Outbound Marketing Template


This out-of-office reply serves as confirmation that you will be enrolled in every marketing email, nurturing campaign, and list at COMPANY.NOT.CLEAR. 

To opt-out from one of the 100 lists you will now added to, please click here for a series of survey questions and links that don't really work. 

Thank you for your time. I will continue to ignore you until [Date].

All the best,

Hopefully you chuckled along with me on some of these. For more pointers on out-of-office replies -- and email etiquette in general -- check out our full guide of 30 tips here.

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