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The best examples of fashion website design demonstrate that it's not only possible to create a visually appealing and functional fashion site, but it's preferred. By balancing site performance and aesthetics, you can create a site that will grab visitors' attention and make their experience seamless.

Designers in studio perusing fashion website design examples to inspire their site.

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In this post, we've rounded up the most compelling fashion website design examples to get your creative juices flowing as you create your own.

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What are the best fashion website design examples?

Ready to dive into the most visually appealing fashion websites? We're showcasing examples from large and small brands alike.

1. Marnon

fashion website design marnon shows person with their feet propped on a chair

Another fashion website design we appreciate is Japan-based Marnon. The branding is visually compelling, and Marnon's site features gorgeous product photography, an eye-catching font, and even a homepage that feels vaguely reminiscent of a print magazine. This editorial-inspired website design is a nod to fashion magazines of the past. Plus, the film-style photography adds a dose of nostalgia too. We also appreciate how comprehensive the menu options are.


fashion website design ganni features text-heavy homepage with different offerings

GANNI is also one of our favorite fashion website design examples for inspiration. The site emphasizes the navigation menu, and we love the tiny images adjacent to the text. Plus, the entire site feels authentic to the brand and balances visually gripping images with copy and white space.

3. Telfar

fashion website design Telfar shows person with a product surrounded by significant amount of white space

Next, we have Telfar. Speaking of white space, Telfar demonstrates how you can make it work. This site is minimal yet chic, which makes it easy to digest. We love the vertical navigation and the centrally located search bar. Another strength is Telfar's outstanding product photography.

4. Sandy Liang


The homepage of fashion brand Sandy Liang's site features a direct flash photograph that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Like Telfar, Sandy Liang utilizes a unique vertical menu that neatly displays the different site pages. We also love the footer, which contrasts beautifully with the darker image and offers information about the brand, instructions to the brick-and-mortar shop, and allows visitors to find the brand's Instagram account. Plus, Sandy Liang scores points for being an accessible site.

5. Cos

fashion website design cos shows person sitting in chair wearing cos clothes

Cos is another example of outstanding fashion website design in practice. Cos sells minimalistic clothing, and its website is a reflection of this. The entire site is sleek and streamlined; it uses a video to tell the brand's story. The footer is robust and offers various pages visitors can effectively navigate through.

6. Lisa Says Gah


Lisa Says Gah's website scores points because of how on-brand it is. The quirky, sustainable fashion brand uses a nostalgic print, features a colorful background, and sprinkles charming touches throughout the site, such as flower-shaped sparkles when you move your mouse. Plus, Lisa Says Gah intertwines recognizable emojis with headlines, which plays to its Gen Z audience.

7. Marrisa Wilson NY

fashion website design Marrisa Wilson shows two models from runway show looking at eachother in colorful clothing.

We love how Marrisa Wilson's website incorporates bold color in the site's background. The gorgeous photography showcasing the new season's looks immediately catches the visitor's eye. You can check out video footage from the New York Fashion Week runway show as you scroll down. The font is also on-brand and stands out.

8. Autumn Adeigbo

fashion website design Autumn Adeigbo shows two models wearing red outfits with a disco ball in the background

Another one of our favorite fashion website design examples is Autumn Adeigbo. The navigation is visible thanks to the contrast between the pink and white, plus the photography used on the homepage establishes the fun-loving, lighthearted tone of the brand. As you scroll down, Autumn Adeigbo provides a gorgeous example of how you can use a pattern as a background on your site — and what it looks like when you pull it off successfully.

9. Sézane

fashion website design sezane split screen shows two models wearing offerings

The Sézane homepage reveals precisely how powerful a well-placed call to action can be. Thanks to the color contrast between the split-screen images and the white button, which invites visitors to "Discover," your eye is instantly drawn to the CTA. We also love the product photography and how intrinsic it feels to the brand.

10. Me + Em

fashion website design me + em shows person wearing dress standing on a platform with flowers and mountains in the background

Me + Em is a fashion brand that demonstrates what good website design looks like in practice. The site is simple yet compelling, thanks to a beautiful font, gorgeous photography, and soft neutrals that add warmth to the background.

11. Staud

fashion website design staud shows person against a netural wall wearing products

A video reel dominates the top half of the screen above the fold. Still, as you scroll down, you notice the site uses nostalgia-inducing photographs to showcase its different product subsections.

And, take note, ecommerce brands: One of our favorite features of the Staud website is how this fashion website design showcases the company's most popular products. Instead of making visitors search for the items they want to see, Staud presents them in a central place on the homepage.

12. Patta

fashion website design patta shows box images of the brand's offerings

Patta is one of the most unique fashion website designs we've found, which is why it's one of our favorites. As you scroll, the top menu disappears, and you're left with the logo, which is effective branding. The brand presents images of its products asymmetrically, making the homepage more visually appealing. The font is also strong and on-brand.

13. The Roger

fashion website design: the roger shows grid-style homepage with many sneakers

The Roger also scores points for how distinctive it is. The loading page is branded, which is an appealing add. Then, when the site loads, you're invited into this company's world, which feels all-encompassing thanks to the parallax scrolling features. We love the grid-like structure of this site, not to mention the fun characters dispersed throughout to add a lighthearted touch and demonstrate the company doesn't take itself too seriously.

14. Farm Rio


With bold splashes of color and excellent product photography, the Farm Rio site stands out for all of the right reasons. As you scroll to the bottom of the site, you are greeted with an animated number that indicates how many trees the company has planted. The footer is another strength — it uses recognizable social media icons.

15. Marcella NYC

fashion website design marcella shows person in black shirt against neutral background

The first thing you'll notice about Marcella NYC's site is the copy: "Comfort or chic? Why choose?" Underneath this heading, you'll find the call to action, which invites visitors to shop for a specific top. We also love the color contrast between the top of the screen with the light green notice about shipping and how it contrasts against the white background of the header.

16. Rouvenat

fashion website design rouvenat shows people wearing brand jewlery in split-screen

Up next is Rouvenat, a French fashion brand. When you hover over the two main images on the homepage, a scrapbook-esque motion occurs, which adds visual interest to the site. Parallax scrolling also brings it to life, and many colors are used throughout to illustrate the brand's story. The font is minimalist and authentic to branding, which we appreciate.

17. Olive Avenue

fashion website design examples olive ave shows couple playfully embracing

Olive Avenue's website is simple yet effective. It features clean fonts and an optimal amount of whites pace. The site also showcases the products when worn, thanks to a video reel. Plus, the menu at the top of the page is digestible and doesn't offer too many options, which makes it easier to read.

18. Dior

fashion website design: dior shows person walking in runway show and bottles of the company's fragrance

Fashion house Dior's site is a classic for a reason. We love how the screen is split to showcase the brand's fashion, accessories, fragrance, and beauty. When you hover on either side, the screen expands. The footer also elaborates on the site options and invites visitors to sign up for the newsletter.

19. Lovello Elizabeth

fashion website design lovello elizabeth shows person squatting on a stool with rugs in the background

Next is Lovello Elizabeth. This site scores major points for its excellent use of video content to tell its brand story. As you scroll down, you are invited to "Shop Now" and can peruse the brand's most recent social posts on Instagram. The footer is another top-notch portion of this site, as there's a form inviting visitors to register for the company newsletter. The newsletter signup is in a high-traffic area, which means more eyes will be on it.

20. Dauphinette

fashion website design dauphinette shows person wearing the brand's clothing laying on a pink background

Another stand-out fashion website design example is Dauphinette. For starters, the product photography on the site is eye-grabbing and demonstrates what makes the brand so unique. The stylish logo is also central. The call to action invites visitors to "Indulge yourself," which feels more personal and authentic to the branding than a typical CTA. We also love how the site designer tucked away the navigation with a chic hamburger menu icon.

21. Pyer Moss

fashion website design Pyer Moss shows box with 'year 10 loading' in the middle in yellow font.

Next is Pyer Moss. For starters, the navigation of this site is unique. On the left, visitors can check out the 'Runway' tab or view 'Stories.' You can search, check your bag, or view your account on the right. The visual split between the two halves of the menu is visually appealing. This site makes excellent use of white space and, in doing so, effectively tells its brand story.

22. Sleeper

fashion website design homepage: sleeper shows person with an apple in their hand.

Sleeper's website is strong because of how simple it is. The font isn't overly complicated, and visitors have a clear call to action: To discover the new arrivals. The image feels authentic to the brand and showcases one of the products you can purchase. When you scroll down, you can check out the company's Instagram page, which is embedded in the site.

Use these fashion website design examples to inspire your own.

No matter what you're hoping to achieve with your fashion website design, if you prioritize user experience and sprinkle in some aesthetic appeal, you're sure to make it a success.

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