INBOUND 2015: 5 Can't-Miss Sessions for Agency Pros


Have you heard the news?

The INBOUND 2015 agenda is out ... and it's unbelievable.

With so many intriguing sessions to choose from, mapping out which ones you'll be adding to your must-see list is going to be harder this year than ever before. 

So to help you get a handle on narrowing your focus, we've put together a list of the sessions we think agency folks will really gain something from. Whether you're an INBOUND newbie or a orange-blooded veteran, these speakers in these sessions are offering up invaluable tips on how to get amazing client results to actionable advice on how to scale your agency. 

1) The Secret Formula to Getting Amazing Client Results


Inbound marketing and inbound sales engagements are complicated and creative activities that require us to manage and optimize a wide variety of marketing tactics simultaneously. 

In this session, Square 2 Marketing's Mike Lieberman will walk us through the various stages of the inbound engagement including strategy and planning, implementation, management, and optimization. He'll also share the step-by-step journey of a client engagement to demonstrate how to get clients more visitors and more leads than they ever expected. 

2) How a Community Approach Scales Your Impact


You’re engaging your network, but are you building a community? What's the added value of a community approach anyway?

This session from The Community Roundtable's Rachel Happe will give you a framework for how to think about community management, why it matters, and what the key best practices are.

3) Scale to Win: How to Grow Your Agency Without Breaking


Growing faster than you can handle? Want to grow your agency without the usual growing pains?

Based on research from 50+ digital marketing agencies, Agency Firebox's Karl Sakas will cover how to scale your agency so you can grow without breaking. From how to smoothly expand your services to how to decide which clients to grow and which clients to fire, this talk will provide you with actionable advice on how to meet both your personal and business goals.

4) The Perils and Possibilities of Outsourcing


HubSpot's Jami Oetting will be joined by Kevin Jorgensen of IMR Corp, Susan LaPlante-Dube of Inbound Central, and Jeff White of Kula Partners for this interactive, must-see session. 

This panel will dive into a frank discussion about when and why agencies outsource, the problems they face in managing freelancers, the processes you should have in place, and how to think about outsourcing from a business perspective. 

5) There Is No Fresh Broccoli: A No-Nonsense Blueprint for Digital Marketing Success


How do I drive more engagement? How do I measure ROI? How do I get more "likes"? Who should manage all this? How can we check this box and move on to the next item on our list?

In his trademark "no B.S." style, Jason Falls' session will help you understand the six core competencies and activities everyone needs to be successful at to market their business or themselves online.

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