A logo is the strongest symbol of a brand. It's what consumers stop at when scanning the shelves, trying to choose between 20 seemingly similar products. These signs and symbols helps people to make decisions faster, and it helps people to feel like they made the right purchasing decision. The psychology of logos -- from the fonts, colors, and shapes -- effect how company's design them; an important decision that will impact how the company is viewed by the public.

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The Psychology of A Logo's Color, Font, and Shape in Marketing

The colors, shapes, and fonts you choose in logo design for your client's brand image are essential to not only making them recognizable but also creating a sense or trust or authority or affordability or even excitement -- whatever emotions the company wants to be associated with.  Design a logos font, color, and shape to subliminally convince prospective clients that you are their best choice on the market -- get them to follow that logo to purchase.

Colorfast created the below infographic detailing how influential color, font, and shape choice is when crafting a logo. Learn the science behind how we interpret these small symbols:


Use this infographic as a tool when developing your company's or client's logo to help choose the best logo colors, shapes and fonts that will subconsciously convey what you have to offer.

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Originally published Nov 30, 2015 7:00:00 AM, updated February 26 2018


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