5 Time Saving Tips to Increase Your Productivity

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This is a guest post written by Audrey Thomas.  She is the founder of Organized Audrey and as a speaker, author and Lean Office expert, Audrey helps individuals and companies increase their productivity and efficiency.

Because I speak on the topic of personal productivity, email management and lean office, my radar is always up in discovering faster and more efficient ways of doing things. 

Today, I’d like to share with you 5 tips that I’ve shared with my sales coaching clients.

Blackberry Shortcuts

To scroll through a screen-length of emails just press the spacebar. Pressing the “T” key will return you to the Top of your emails and the “B” key will move you to the Bottom of your email list. When reading an email press the “R” key to Respond.

Email Shortcuts

In MS© Outlook, did you know you can link to a contact from within an appointment on your calendar? It’s extremely handy for phone meetings or blocked projects requiring contact with others.

When setting up a new appointment, look in the lower left-hand corner of your appointment screen. You’ll see the “Contacts” button. Click on it and your Address Book(s) will pop open. Double-click on your contact name, linking it to your appointment. 

Now when your appointment rolls around you can easily open up your contact’s information without leaving your calendar view.  

Travel Confirmations

When I receive email confirmations for upcoming travel (airline, hotel and rental car), I immediately drag these e-mails from my Inbox directly to the departure date on my calendar. Now all of my travel details are just where I need them.

Travel Gadgets

If you travel a lot you probably find yourself constantly double checking to make sure you’ve got all of your electronic gadgets with you. Using a product like Built’s Cargo Travel Organizer to stow items helps me visually see that I’m remembering everything I left the office with.

PowerPoint Shortcut

During PowerPoint presentations you can easily produce a black screen by pressing the “B” key. Pressing it again will bring your PPT back. Repeat after me: “B for Black; B for Back”.  If for some reason you wanted a white screen, just press the “W” key. And for the curious, pressing “O” will NOT bring you an orange screen.

Join me on March 17 for my session during the Sales Productivity Summit and I'll give you a whole bunch of tips to help you save time and money!

"Eternal Clock" Image: Robbert van der Steeg

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