create an about us pageHomepages, product/service pages and about us pages are usually the most visited and important pages on your website. We’ve just presented two webinars, with resources, that teach you how to create homepages and product/service pages. Now I want to help you create a killer about us page.

Let’s start with the goal of the about us page. As the name implies, it needs to explain how your business can help people solve their problems. Most businesses just talk about what they do. Instead, a great about us page should talk about why they’re in business.  Watch Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle TED talk to learn more about his theory behind why, how and what.

You do need to explain what your company does, in addition to the why, but you need to keep the text to less than 150 words.  Having too much text on the about us page is not good. Instead of writing a lot of "what" text, create links to your product/service pages that will do a better job of explaining the “what” you do.

So, the primary goal of the page is to explain to visitors why your business is in business.  Now, what’s your secondary goal? This will vary from business to business but here are some ideas. The secondary goal could be to have visitors:

  • Watch your CEO video
  • Download your business’ fact sheet
  • Take a tour of your product
  • Visit your resource center
  • Download an educational piece of content

All of the things I mentioned are trying to keep their attention on your business for as long as possible. You might suggest based off your customers’ problems, what content they should download (calls to action) to help them get a better idea of what your business can do to solve their problems.

Testimonials are a great thing to add to your about us page. You can include one awesome testimonial and then have a link to your testimonial page or case studies. Remember, you want them to stay and explore your website. Not read everything on the about us page.

You should also invite visitors to join your community. You want to make them feel welcome and explain why they should join your business on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.  Make sure you provide some very compelling reasons why they should join and possibly create an incentive for them to do so.  For example, every Friday on Twitter you will be giving away a new piece of content.

What can you do to improve your about us page?

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Originally published Aug 4, 2011 3:47:00 PM, updated January 13 2014