Remote work is quickly becoming the new normal for millions of companies across the global workforce. In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s important to evolve your business strategies to meet your customers’ needs. By taking your business online, you can grow your organization and interact with your customers in a whole new way.

Data shows that more and more organizations regularly embrace remote work as employees’ preferences for the ideal work environment shift. Finding the right integrated technology stack to support a productive staff scattered throughout living rooms all over the world has become a priority.

Platforms like Zoom and Slack have become synonymous with remote work, but those are just a fraction of the apps used by the average employee. SaaS spending and adoption continue to rise, regardless of a company’s size. Why? Because building the right tech stack and integrating those platforms together enables collaboration and productivity across your organization — no matter an employee’s physical location.

So how do you build a tech stack that enables you and your team to not only work productively together but also aligns your marketing, sales, and service efforts to serve your customers?

Navigating the App Marketplace for Remote Friendly Apps

In the App Marketplace there are hundreds of apps that easily integrate with HubSpot, enabling you to get the information you need and to work with your teams effectively.

So, what are the top apps and the remote benefits to set-up you and your organization for success? Which ones easily integrate with HubSpot to help support your organization’s developing digital processes and playbooks?

Marketing Apps and Remote Tips

Bringing your business online and working remotely means staying productive and efficient with your marketing efforts — including attracting, engaging, and delighting your potential customers as they interact with you and your business. A few key technologies to use in this remote world are video, webinars, social media management tools, and optimization of websites.


When you can’t be face-to-face, capture someone's attention through an intriguing video.

Vidyard: With the Vidyard integration for HubSpot, you can easily add videos to HubSpot emails and landing pages, as well as track individual viewer data right inside your HubSpot Contacts. Use viewer engagement data from Vidyard to drive smarter marketing by segmenting, scoring, and nurturing leads based on how they interact with your video content — all from within HubSpot

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And check-out the HubSpot Video Course from HubSpot Academy


Disrupt the typical lecture-heavy webinar experience with live intros, outros, polls, and Q&A.

Workcast: Embed recordings with Workcast directly into Hubspot landing pages, registration/confirmation pages, emails, and crreate calendar files automatically. Broadcast live or simulive and create on-demand recordings directly in the same page.

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Social Media

B2B companies can — and should — embrace social media.

Oktopost: Oktopost is a beautiful and easy to use, yet robust social media management platform architected for B2B marketers. With Oktopost, you can publish content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even WeChat, track valuable business metrics, and integrate social data directly to HubSpot.

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Enhance your website experience with interactive elements like surveys and quizzes.

Typeform: Create beautiful forms, surveys, and quizzes. Then send the results straight to Hubspot — no coding required.

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Sales Apps and Remote Tips


Prospects away from their desks? Send them a text.

Salesmsg: Most businesses struggle to connect with leads and customers because, these days, no one picks up phones anymore. Salesmsg helps businesses grow by instantly engaging with leads, customers, and clients over 2-way text messages — right from the contact record in HubSpot.

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Video conferencing

Improve engagement and enhance efficiency by moving your 1:1 meetings to video.

Zoom: Automatically send dial-in and conference call details to your HubSpot prospects. Turn every meeting booked in your HubSpot CRM into a Zoom meeting. You can also use Zoom for webinars.

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And check-out the HubSpot Academy Template on running a Webinar Campaign with Zoom.


Make it easy for your contacts to select and book meeting times.

Calendly: Increase your sales velocity by scheduling meetings with leads at the peak of their interest, all while maintaining an accurate and updated database in your HubSpot CRM

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No landline needed with cloud phone systems and virtual call centers.

Aircall: By bringing together Aircall and HubSpot, it’s easier than ever for support and sales teams to manage their call workflows and boost productivity. Place outbound phone calls in one-click, or load a list of contacts in the Aircall phone for automatic outbound dialing.

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And check out the HubSpot Academy lesson on Setting Up Calling.


Organize customer research and survey feedback to understand more about your users and take action.

Survicate: Distribute and collect surveys for customers, website visitors, and more all while allowing real-time CSAT and NPS scores to be organized. Leveraging this data with HubSpot’s Contact Lists enables personalizing follow ups and ongoing customer nurturing.

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Project Management & Productivity

Ensuring your teams and you are productive while remote can be challenging. With these apps, you can manage projects, communicate internally, find areas to automate, and continue to operate for your customers.

International Communication

Communicate with your co-workers — as if they were sitting right next to you.

Slack: The HubSpot integration takes Slack beyond just chatting with your coworkers. Some powerful features include notifications via HubSpot workflows when a deal closes, notifications when your lead clicks on a document, and much more.

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Project Management

Collaborate with the same visibility and accountability regardless of your physical location.

Teamwork: Keep your inbound marketing and sales activities organized and on-track by linking items in Teamwork Projects to any item in HubSpot. Give your team the resources they need by connecting projects and tasks to landing pages, emails, and blogs in HubSpot.

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Take your mundane tasks and automate them.

Monday: is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that empowers teams to run projects and workflows smarter. Connect your customers from HubSpot to to collaborate with the rest of the company on project delivery, customer onboarding, accounting, and much more!

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Work-Management Tool Sync

Already have a solid project management tech stack? Create a 2-way sync between your favorite platforms.

Unito: Unito provides detailed, two-way, and live task and project syncing between tools, making your team more efficient. Unito allows you to sync your HubSpot sales tasks to nine other work management tools, including Trello, Asana, Jira, Wrike, GitHub, GitLab, Basecamp, Bitbucket, and Zendesk.

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Customer Service

Messaging and Chat

Conduct personalized conversations in real time with your prospects & customers.

Intercom: Intercom integrates with HubSpot to keep your CRM up to date by syncing automation and live chat tools to HubSpot’s records. This helps keep your lead’s information accurate and gives a complete picture of your customer’s journey.

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Team Inboxes

Enable visibility across disjointed inboxes and create work streams to manage emails.

Front: Front’s Communication Platform allows you to access HubSpot’s CRM from your inbox so you can receive immediate context for your conversations with leads and customers. You can have more cohesive conversations and keep up to date with CRM details in real time.

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Online Payments

Receive secure payments via online payment processing platforms.

Stripe: Stripe’s integration enables quotes to be shared and completed via credit card with prospects — all without leaving HubSpot. Eliminate the tiresome back-and-forth of completing a purchase order or transferring funds. Once a payment is completed, the contact is automatically created in Stripe, the subscription recorded, too.

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Online Store

Conduct commercial transactions online for your goods and services.

Shopify: Connect your Shopify store to HubSpot to sync and segment your customers, products, and deals. This helps you understand more about your buyers to personalize and automate your growth strategy. Plus, you'll collect data and notice important trends in your business, allowing you to build a more targeted brand. This, in turn, generates traffic and increases revenue from your online store.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Domo: Domo for HubSpot makes your marketing and sales data in HubSpot easily understood for your entire organization. In just minutes, you’ll have easy-to-use visualizations of your key data that can be shared across all your teams.

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Automated Reporting

Compile data from various sources, even spreadsheets, into actionable dashboards.

Supermetrics: With Supermetrics you can now effortlessly move HubSpot marketing and sales data into Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Google Data Studio. From there, you can keep track of your marketing, sales, and business performance by analyzing and reporting all of your HubSpot data. You can also combine its data with all of your other marketing platforms' data to get a complete overview of your growth.

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Finance Management


Reduce administrative overhead when managing payment status, recurring payments, and more.

Sage Financials: Bi-directionally sync contacts and relevant properties between Sage and HubSpot to power both platforms

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Integration Platform as a Service


Increase efficiency by filling the gaps across thousands of cloud-based platforms with no middleware.

PieSync: PieSync integrates HubSpot with numerous apps for an automatic two-way contact or company sync.

Note: In November 2019, PieSync was acquired by HubSpot.

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And check out the HubSpot Academy Course on Getting Set-up with PieSync

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