The 1-Minute Guide to Making Google Your Homepage

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Caroline Forsey
Caroline Forsey



When you ask someone a question nowadays and they don’t know the answer, you almost always know what they’ll say -- “Just Google it.” With over 3.5 billion searches a day, Google’s typically your entry-point for anything you need to do on the web, so I’m not surprised you want to change your homepage to Google.


Having the world’s number one search engine as your homepage is undoubtedly helpful. Who wouldn’t want everything from dinner recipes to news stories a mere keyboard tap away?Download our complete productivity guide here for more tips on improving your  productivity at work.

If you want to make Google your homepage, here’s how to do it in a minute or less.

How to Make Google Your Homepage on Firefox

1. Open your Firefox browser, and search “”

2. Hold the “Google” tab down, and drag it onto the home icon.

3. A “Set Home Page” message will pop up -- click the blue “Yes” button.

How to Make Google Your Homepage on Chrome

1. Open your Chrome browser, and click the three-dot icon in the top right corner. Then select “Settings”.

2. Under “Appearance”, find “Show home button”. If it’s disabled (you’ll know if it’s grey), slide the button to the right.

3. With the indicator now blue, you’re free to select the button beside “Enter custom web address” (below “New Tab page”). In the line beside it, type “”.

How to Make Google Your Homepage on Safari

1. Open your Safari browser, click “Safari” on the navigation bar, and select “Preferences … ”.

2. Go to your “General” tab.

3. Where it says “Homepage:”, fill in the box with “”. Then click the “Set to Current Page” button.

4. Click “Change Homepage” in the pop-up.


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