30 Awesome B2B Social Media Resources

    by Kipp Bodnar


    August 11, 2010 at 9:55 AM

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    How-to Articles and Case Studies

    1. Examples of Successful B2B Social Media Marketing by TopRank  

    2. Crushing the Myth of B2B Social Media by Jay Baer  

    3. 28 Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics by Social Media B2B  

    4. 8 Common Mistakes in B2B Social Media Marketing by HubSpot  

    5. Study: Most Effective B2B Social Media Tactics Are IT “Lite” by Scott Monty  

    6. The Business of B2B Social Media by Brian Solis  

    7. A fascinating B2B social media success story by Mark Schaefer  

    8. Seven Steps to Creating a B2B Community on Twitter by Social2B

    9 . B2B Social Media Newsroom Example: Scania by Social Media B2B  

    10. 10 Essential Social Media Tools for B2B Marketers by Mashable

    11. Climbing The B2B Social Media Ladder by E-Commerce Times

    12. 5 Tips for B2B Social Media Marketing by Econsultancy

    13. The Current State of B2B Social Media by Social Media Today

    14. The Definitive Case for B2B Social Media Marketing by Fast Company  

    15. How to Use Social Media in B2B Marketing by iMedia Connection

    16. The Business of Social Media: B2B and B2C Engagement by the Numbers by Brian Solis

    17. 13 Essential Social Media Lessons for B2B Marketers from the Masters by Mashable

    18. Social Media for B2B by Search Engine Watch

    19. 20 Support Cases for Using Social Media in B2B Marketing by Savvy B2B Marketing

    20. What is Social media Success in B2B and Some Examples by B2B Voices

    B2B Social Media Networking

    1. B2B Social Media LinkedIn Group

    2. B2B Social Media Marketing Facebook Group

    3. Social Media Measurement for B2B Linkedin Group  

    4. B2B Marketing 2.0 LinkedIn Group

    5. B2B Marketing Twitter List

    B2B Social Media Presentations

    1. B2B Social Media Map

    2. Social Media for B2B Companies



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