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    How to Grow Industrial Businesses in 2015: An Inbound Approach

    By Todd Hockenberry

    458861767The shift in information from seller to buyer has been a hot topic in the sales and marketing world. Sellers, in the not too distant past, used to be the gatekeepers of information. This information asymmetry forced buyers to seek out salespeople, and this left salespeople in a position of power.

    Of course the Internet shifted this balance of power. Buyers often know more about the market, competitors, and products when they reach out to salespeople than the salespeople themselves. This shift has challenged many SMBs in manufacturing industry, leaving many struggling to adapt.

    In America, we are experiencing a resurgence of ... Read More

    How to Streamline Your Blog Creation and Generate More B2B Traffic

    By Lucy Jones

    466582229Are you struggling to stay afloat when it comes to blog creation?

    You’re certainly not alone. 66% of marketing professionals cite a lack of time as their greatest challenge when it comes to content marketing, and an additional 46% have difficulty producing enough content.

    There are few shortcuts to creating blogs that drive traffic, and cutting corners on quality certainly isn’t the answer. However, taking the steps to streamline your process can change everything. With sufficient organization, you can improve your quality and volume through standardization. Here’s how.

    Read More
    Why Your Existing Buyer Personas Might Not Be Working

    By Ed Marsh

    179693870Personas and buyer’s journey are valuable tools to help guide inbound marketing. The goal of both is to ensure that content is relevant to the prospect - both based on what’s important to them in their role, and what’s important based on where they are in their buying process.

    They’re especially important tools because buying is now largely un-accompanied - at least through 70% of the buying process until buyers accede to speaking to a rep. So the dynamic cues, or "mile markers" of the buying process, which sales reps used to collect through direct communications, and interaction with multiple departments or people, are now missing. At best, marketers, who are now selling virtually, can infer certain information through observation of buyer behaviors, but little is explicitly indicated.

    Read More
    13 Reasons You're Failing Spectacularly with LinkedIn

    By Marisa Smith

    180409620LinkedIn is the social network that everyone uses and no one uses well. Twitter and Facebook come naturally enough to most people, and after some practice most companies do a decent job using those platforms.

    But LinkedIn is a different beast. It’s social, but it’s professional. You’re connecting for business purposes, but you shouldn’t try to sell too much. At first glance, it looks like an online resume, but it really isn’t.

    Many professionals and companies have tried using LinkedIn for business or marketing but failed to get much ROI from it. Sound familiar? Here are 13 LinkedIn tips for better business results.

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    Why Your B2B Lead Response Time Is Killing Your Business

    By Chris Getman

    491668465Imagine you want to buy a new car. So you head to a car dealership, it’s a Saturday, and you’ve done all your research and you’re ready to buy. You tell the salesman you’re interested in a car, and the salesman says “Thank you for contacting me, I’ll be in touch in 24–48 hours,” and walks away. The car salesman calls you two days later, on Monday, while you’re at work, to talk about the car.

    Shocking, right? You were in the buying mindset, taking meaningful action towards a purchase, and were pushed off two days by the salesperson. By Monday, you may have already visited other car dealerships and purchased a car, or at least you’re further down the sales process with a more responsive car salesperson. This is a failure in sales response time.

    Read More
    17 Inspiring Facebook Ads to Help Get Your Prospects Clicking

    By Stephanie Jones


    Everyone’s doing it these days.

    There was nothing lewd or raunchy meant by that, so get your head out of the gutter, folks. We’re talking about ads on Facebook, which for a number of reasons, has become the norm for businesses marketing themselves on the website.

    These days, it’s so easy for a company's ads to get lost in the abyss on Facebook. It’s the same old tale: Organic reach is down to nearly nothing and businesses are struggling to reach their current or future customers. If your ads aren’t well planned (from your organization’s goals for the ad to the design to the targeting) they will most likely be unsuccessful.

    Read More
    How to Personalize Your Content Based on Lifecycle Stage

    By Mike Klevorn

    179225452Spanning the course of human history, never has the consumer had more currency, influence, and power than today. Why is this? Some call it “The Power of One”, but in short that means the consumer dictates their own buying journey and controls their own interaction with a brand.

    Think about it. If a consumer doesn’t want to see your commercials on TV, they simply fast forward with their DVR. If they don’t want to see your ad online, all it takes is a single click to rid them of your world. In fact, as content consumers, we are actually quite skilled at avoiding content we don’t want to see.

    Read More
    Top 5 Ways to Increase Leads for Your Media Sales People

    By Erin Madden

    chart-growth_copyMany advertising sales managers know that their sales people need to be fed leads if they’re going to make quota. In the past, managers primed the pump with lists. Today, list-buying is less effective than ever before because they go out-of-date faster than ever. And given how different the buying process is today, most media sales managers feel lost about how to generate leads for their reps. The old ways just don’t work like they used to.

    Read More
    How To Capitalize On Local Business SEO

    By Jessica Acklen

    166273950Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a global corporation, search engine optimization is impacting your business. It doesn’t matter if you have one location or many, local search engine optimization is worth focusing on.

    But the SEO process is increasingly more complex and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you need to optimize for local business SEO, regardless if you have one or multiple locations. Here's what you need to know to ensure you're correctly capitalizing on local SEO and ultimately, your company's success.

    Read More
    How a Simple Promotion Framework Can Support a Powerful Content Strategy

    By Holly Hammond

    82399211Content marketing is all about who sees your content and how often. But as content marketers, we know there’s more to marketing your content than throwing it out into the universe and seeing what sticks.

    We have a wide array of platforms, tools and knowledge at our fingertips that allow us to get a little help in rounding out the promotion of our content. But at times, it can seem both overwhelming and overkill to deploy all methods of promotion.

    What if you could take advantage of all aspects of promotion without overwhelming your audience? Check out how to maximize your promotion by implementing an integrated approach to your content strategy.

    Read More
    4 Homepage Conversion Killers [Infographic]

    By Morgan Jenkins

    135787045Web page optimization is a tough code to crack. There is more than enough statistical evidence to support the fact that clickers, searchers, and visitors want their information fast, frequent, and fuss-free. According to the infamous Blink Test, it takes the average person a mere 3-5 seconds to determine whether your website is worthy of their time.

    The facts are abundantly clear; search engines have saturated the potential for discoverability, digital competition is constantly on the rise, and attention spans aren’t getting any shorter. In order for your website to secure interest, let alone leads, it needs to pack a serious punch. Consider your homepage Mike Tyson.

    Read More
    The Real Reason You're Not Doing Inbound Marketing

    By Michael Reynolds

    462604973-1Pretty much all organizations want to grow, earn more revenue, and be as profitable as possible. This is a no-brainer.

    There are many ways to generate revenue. Some organizations rely on cold calling. Some rely on trade shows. Some rely on networking. Some rely on modern digital channels like SEO, social media, and when fully integrated... inbound marketing.

    Most organizations try multiple strategies for lead-generation and sales. Sometimes, they see success (which we love to see!). However, numerous analyses have demonstrated that inbound marketing is often the most efficient, effective, and profitable strategy for business growth.

    Read More
    A Step-by-Step Checklist to Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

    By Jessica Plunkett

    187625854Optimizing your web presence for mobile is a digital marketing no-brainer. With more than 60% of U.S. adults owning a smartphone and more than half of consumers saying they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t work right on mobile (Business2Community 2014), it’s not a question of when to establish a mobile presence, it’s a matter of how best to execute it.

    Here is a 10-point mobile-preparedness checklist to get you on the fast-track to mobile success.

    Read More
    How to Shift Your Marketing from Traditional to Inbound in 7 Steps

    By Mike Klevorn

    93153534Working for an agency who does both traditional and inbound marketing, explaining the inbound movement can seem… well… a little crazy to some folks. For many companies, TV or radio has worked well for years, sometimes decades. And the idea that marketing through blogs and content can replace this trusted media is a hard sell.

    In my opinion, the biggest hurdle in the move to inbound marketing is the act of letting go. Letting go of the past. And letting go of preconceived notions.

    Once you or your client do this, you are ready to get to work and transition to inbound marketing. To help you along the way, here are 7 steps to make the switch.

    Read More
    3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Testimonials

    By Chase Cleckner

    188069384As a business, there are few things more important to us than our reputation, and we do everything we can to do great work and delight our clients.

    But how do you share the results of that hard work with potential clients or customers? One of the best ways to improve your business’s image is to use testimonials from happy customers. These can come in many forms, but in essence they are all references from people who have done business with you and are willing to vouch for you.

    People have become so used to using this kind of “social proof” to make decisions that as of last year, 78% of people say they trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from acquaintances. The more you can do to make your testimonials relatable, the more effective they will be – and seeing the person behind the review is a prime way to achieve that.

    Read More
    3 Steps to Less Expensive Circulation

    By Rob Litterst

    money_in_handSaving money on circulation means taking control of your most valuable asset — your data. Once you do, you’ll find circulation costs dropping. Not to mention revealing golden revenue opportunities you didn’t have before (without adding costs).

    There are three steps to dropping your circulation costs:

    Read More
    How Encrypting Your Website Improves Your Marketing

    By Scott Meyer

    82633863Encrypting your website improves not only strengthens its security-- it can also help improves SEO and conversions. Here's why It might be time to consider encrypting your entire site.

    Last month, our digital marketing firm 9 Clouds made the decision to encrypt our entire site. We originally made the decision because we were asking visitors to enter private usernames and passwords to join My 9 Clouds for free digital marketing resources and to purchase digital marketing consulting in 9 Clouds Academy.

    We knew we needed an SSL certificate to accept credit card payments and protect personal data. We decided that instead of only encrypting the sites with payment information, as most sites do, we should encrypt our entire website. We have a number of forms on our resources page, so why not protect that information? Sure, company name and email may not be as sensitive as a credit card, but why not keep it private?

    Read More
    How to Tell When a Website Redesign Isn’t the Right Move

    By Kevin Barber

    176807475-1Almost exactly a year ago I wrote what is probably my best design article on HubSpot, the 7 Ugly Truths a Pretty Website Can't Hide. It discusses how so many companies take the "lipstick on a pig" approach to redesigning their website hoping it will fix core problems such as bad content, poor conversion, and lack of customers.

    Most companies redesign their website at the wrong time, with the wrong mindset, and with the wrong expectations. Today I'd like to set the record straight on when a redesign is not the right move, and when it is.

    Read More
    Is Your Sales and Marketing Alignment REALLY Working?

    By Dani Buckley

    476092309_(1)It seems we’re hearing more and more about Sales and Marketing Alignment, Service Level Agreements (SLA), Smarketing, and everything that these areas cover.

    Are they just buzzwords that are being thrown around too easily and checked off a list of things to do or can they really change the way you do business forever?

    I’ve been wondering this myself as I talk to many different sales organizations about the obstacles they face in achieving their marketing and sales goals.

    Personally, I believe there is a necessary and growing need for this culture shift across industries.

    Read More
    5 Essential Elements to Keep Inbound Marketing Inbounds

    By Bill Kerschbaum

    482103609It takes coordination and discipline to manage all of the activities of inbound marketing. Between drafting personas, creating templates, writing content, designing graphics, publishing and social promotion, it’s easy to forget what task you’re on and who’s responsible for it.

    Small things can easily slip through the cracks and you can fall behind schedule before you get back from lunch.

    Your inbound marketing has spilled out of bounds.

    Read More
    What Is Anonymous Personalization and Why Does it Matter?

    By Aly Schweigert

    113053402We’re marketers. And we love personalization.

    When we send out lead nurturing emails, we customize our message with the contact’s first name. We send follow-up emails with content that’s relevant based on which industry, pain point, or need the prospect indicated on the contact form.

    We even create workflows based on which offer the prospect downloaded first and change our future relationship based on the his/her needs.

    Heck, if we could snail-mail handwritten cards thanking people for dropping by our website, we would.

    Read More
    A Step-By-Step Guide to Your Media Company’s First Contest or Promotion

    By Katie Carlin

    running-up-steps-stairs-330669-editedOur media prospects always come to us looking for new ways to increase revenue. We have written many blog posts about how media companies can utilize inbound marketing strategies to increase subscription revenue and generate more ad dollars.

    Very recently we have been hearing a lot of buzz about contests and promotions. Newspapers, magazines and radio stations are coming to us looking for tools to run contests and promotions, and many of them are also looking for a starting point.

    Read More
    How to Determine if You Need an Agency to Help with Your Inbound Marketing

    By Jesse Mawhinney

    160887834Whether you want to launch a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy or you have already adopted inbound marketing and want to take it to the next level, there are a number of key considerations that will help you determine if you should hire an agency to help.

    In making this strategic decision it is important to consider the capabilities of your in-house team, their capacity to take on new work, and how you will scale your strategy to drive continuously improved results.

    These three factors will help you determine if your in-house team has the chops to execute a results-driven strategy. If doubts persist, it is time to reach out to an experienced inbound marketing agency.

    Read More
    How Blogging Gets You Customers

    By Sarah Carnes

    469807685-2You have to give to receive. These 6 words sum up “How Blogging Gets You Customers”.

    You need to give and be present online to receive confidence and business from customers and the way that is done is through blogging.

    Here are 5 reasons why blogging will net you customers through your Internet marketing efforts.

    Read More
    How to Improve Your Marketing by Uncovering the Personality of Your Data

    By Dechay Watts

    167220418Does the term ROI make you roll your eyes? It’s okay. You’re definitely not alone. Even with the amazing reports that HubSpot provides, sometimes numbers and stats cause a glazed look – for agencies and clients.

    Of course, showing results is an important part of keeping clients continually engaged on a retainer. So, it’s important to tell the best story from your data.  Here at Sprout Content, we've uncovered some interesting techniques that we use when reporting to our clients.

    Read More
    The First Steps to Personalized Content on Your Website

    By Rebecca Graves

    185895589-1Personalized web content. No doubt you’ve experienced it. Most likely when you visit Amazon for the umpteenth time to purchase something on your Prime account.  

    For instance, during my visit I might see what I previously searched for, in addition to suggestions for outdoor fitness products, bird toys, and dog treats.

    All of this is based on activity from my previous visits. In addition, I see suggestions for things I’ve never purchased but are based on my gender and, I’m sure, based on what they have inferred from items that I’ve searched for or previously purchased. The big question is - HOW do they do that? The bigger question is - How can YOU do it for visitors to your site?

    Read More
    3 Journalism Techniques to Help Improve Your Content Marketing

    By Vanessa Green

    187524813When I graduated from journalism school seven years ago, I never imagined I’d end up with a career in marketing.

    But after working as an editor for four years, I was motivated to start writing content that wasn’t just ‘the stuff between the ads’.  I liked the idea of using language to educate and convince, and to see how it worked inside of a bigger sales process.

    Having been in marketing now for three years, I’m constantly surprised at how much my experience as a journalist has informed my role as a content marketer.

    So if you’re looking for some editorial insights for improving your content development process, check out my tips below.

    Read More
    5 Creative Ways to Use Smart Content on Your Website

    By Dan Stasiewski

    175784044_(1)Data. Good marketers have already utilized it for email segmentation and automation. Providing that relevant, data-backed communication to users is what keeps open and click rates up and helps convert more leads to sales. But what about your website?

    Today, three-quarters of internet users say they get frustrated when website content has nothing to do with their interests. And who wouldn’t be? When users share their information with you, the quid pro quo isn’t just the ebook they downloaded; it’s making sure all future offers are as relevant to that user as possible. If someone downloads an ebook, they should never see that offer again.

    Read More
    Missed a Marketing Goal? Don’t Panic. Here Are 5 Things to Do

    By Allison Gibbs

    164453007_(2)Your SMART Goals have been set. You’ve spent countless hours developing your strategy. Everything is in place. You execute your strategy and you didn’t hit your goal.

    Don’t panic.

    When you have to report to a supervisor, executive team or board, the thought of telling them that you didn’t hit a goal can be intimidating. The first thing to remember is to remain calm and then follow these tips to determine your next course of action.

    Read More
    How to Get Started with Content Personalization

    By Kevin Dean

    179777962As an inbound marketer, you understand the value of creating great experiences. You create content offers that are designed to help guide prospects through the buyer’s journey, but how can you get the buyer started on that journey?

    Content personalization is a fundamental element in creating great website experiences for your prospects and customers. The HubSpot COS gives you the ability to create “Smart Content” serving up different messages based on the variety of differences in your website visitors. 

    Here's how to leverage content personalization to help you improve your marketing funnel.

    Read More
    6 Small Business Marketing Problems You Can Fix by Building Authority

    By John McDougall

    478012455I always dreamed of being an author but I never dreamed that authorship would help my business so much. My story—of having a published book, a blog, and speaking engagements that turn into sales at higher prices—is just one of many.

    Most of the research on how becoming a trusted authority fixes many of the problems small businesses face in their marketing, lay out an extremely similar path. The benefits of marketing yourself as an expert / authority are many and it is a repeatable process.

    Read More
    How to Use Smart Content at Different Stages of the Buying Process

    By Doug Eldridge

    121348869When I started my inbound marketing career I was blown away by some of the tools available to marketers. Technology has evolved in such a way that it's possible to market to your target prospects with a greater emphasis on context. 

    Marketing doesn't need to be scattered and impersonal-- you can now focus on various aspects of an individual's habits and characteristics to create unique marketing messages.

    Read More
    What Capabilities Does Your Organization Need To Execute Inbound Marketing?

    By Meg Hoppe

    465957219Once you’ve determined that inbound marketing will be the most effective way to achieve your business goals, your next step might be to look at your current in-house capabilities to see if you’ve “got what it takes” to execute a strategy successfully.

    Most organizations new to inbound are hopeful they can handle some, if not all, of the tasks internally. But because few companies today are staffed appropriately for inbound, when you look at your team's capabilities and capacity you’ll undoubtedly see that you have gaps – some of them very significant.

    Read More
    10 Extraordinary Infographic Examples of 2014

    By Morgan Hauck

    450795029Infographics are powerful tools that marry design with compelling data. They’re intended to present information quickly and clearly in a more digestible way. In short, they are data + design, information + graphics = infographics.

    To help celebrate how the world is continuing to grasp visual content, here are a few delightful examples of infographic design in 2014 across a few categories. Some are funny, some more serious, but one thing is for sure: Each of these examples is equally inspiring. From static to animated, interactive to responsive, let’s take a look into some fascinating works of art.

    Read More
    3 Tips to Writing Tweets That Fit Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    By Amanda Martin

    tips-5If you’re a super smarty-pants, you’ll read that headline and be like, “DUH, Amanda! Writing a tweet for inbound marketing is super easy.”

    But is it really, super smarty-pants?

    Believe it or not, there are still companies out there that aren’t on board the social media train. Notice I said train, and not bandwagon. Social media is riding the largest upward trend in its history, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. It’s only going to evolve and leave behind anyone who didn’t hop on board.

    Social media can be leveraged the best in combination with an inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot suggests applying the 80/20 rule to your social media sharing, and I couldn’t agree more.

    Read More
    Taming the Contact Management Beast: 3 Tips to Streamline Your Database

    By Morgan Jenkins

    177261922We live in an increasingly automated world. Nowadays, it seems that our computers sync programs and install updates without us even realizing it. In a lot of ways, such instantaneous automation is making our lives a lot easier.

    However, it also removes some discretion from processes such as data organization and considers pre-adjusted settings over case-by-case specialization. In the realm of digital marketing, such systems can present far more technological curses than they can blessings.

    Read More
    9 Brands Absolutely Crushing it on Instagram

    By Rebecca Graves

    457758833Wondering if Instagram is a place your company should have a presence? If you’re not there because think that its only about spectacular imagery then you’re missing a big opportunity to engage your audience. True, it’s about the images but more than that, it’s about connecting on a human level.

    Check out the nine companies below that are consistently at the top of the list for brands that are crushing it on Instagram. Maybe they will inspire you as to how you can increase engagement with your own brand.

    Read More
    Why You Need a Content Strategy to Attract Advertisers

    By Katie Carlin

    pins-calendarIf you’re like most publications, your editorial staff focuses on creating content for a specific audience. They plan out the content calendar for the year. It has themes, industry issues and trends, investigative reporting, maybe even some research studies.

    That editorial calendar comes in handy whenever your sales reps pitch new and current advertisers. But how often do your sales reps actually collaborate with an advertiser?

    Isn’t it more likely that advertisers view (or download) your media kit (with the editorial calendar)? And then call your reps when they’re ready to buy? Or worse, make a programmatic buy without even consulting you?

    Read More
    4 Subtle Symptoms of a Poor Performing Website

    By Marc Herschberger

    163751742Your website might be sick (and not in a good way).

    Don’t take it personal, most websites on the Internet today are suffering from something that's holding them back from being in tip-top shape.

    Now, you may be saying, “Well, hold on! If you’re saying my website is sick, how come I don’t know about it?”

    Good question.

    Read More
    Why You Need to Worry About the Questions Your Website Visitors DON’T Ask

    By Jake Wobbrock

    454105263Back in 1576, G. Pettie wrote that famous (and idiotic) saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” The phrase is often used to justify not telling a person something they’re better off not knowing. Its cousin phrase is, “Ignorance is bliss.”


    But when it comes to the questions your visitors have on your site, what you don’t know can hurt you—a lot. Choosing to ignore the issue of unasked questions is like the ostrich who sticks his head in the sand. Ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away.

    Read More
    5 Marketing Tactics a Salesperson Would Be Wise to Learn

    By Bryson Kearl

    160629329Prepare yourself for the world’s most obvious statement. Are you ready? Here it is:

    Every company needs to make money to stay in business.

    Alright, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to ask the logical follow-up question: Whose responsibility is it to convince prospects to hand over their hard-earned cash in exchange for your goods or services (or both)?

    If you answered the marketing team, you would be correct. And if you answered the sales team, you would also be correct.

    Read More
    5 Reasons Your Salespeople Need to Start Blogging (Like, Yesterday)

    By Chris Heiler

    482785341**Knock** **knock**

    "Yes? Can I help you?" asked Mrs. Homeowner, peeking through her semi-open front door.

    "Hi! My name is Chris. I work for a landscaping company called Greensward," I replied. 

    "I was driving through the neighborhood and noticed your beautiful home that was recently built," I continued.

    "Have you made plans for your landscaping yet? Here's one of our brochures." 

    "Yes. We're all set. Thanks," she responded as she closed the door.

    That exchange was about 12 years ago. I was a stuttering, sweaty-palms mess of a "salesperson" tasked with canvasing new home developments and handing out ridiculously expensive full-color brochures that no one wanted.

    Read More
    How to Set Inbound Marketing Goals

    By Olivia Allen

    494259751With 2014 coming to a close, it’s a good time to evaluate your marketing efforts for the year. Did you hit your desired results? If you didn’t, don’t be so hard on yourself. It might just mean that you didn’t create the right marketing goals.

    Setting realistic and achievable goals are imperative in any business. They’re the backbone to every marketing function your company is working toward.

    Read More
    How to Create New Revenue Streams for Your Media Company

    By Tyler Rhodes

    revenue-increase-smallAs a publisher, growing your revenue base is critical to expanding content and markets. Without that fuel, your publications and your business stagnate.

    You’re all too aware of how the Internet has wreaked havoc with the print business model. You’ve jumped online and it’s gotten better, but you’re still struggling.

    People don’t want to pay for subscriptions —most people expect to view your content for free. While that can work as a business model, it leaves you dependent on revenue from banner ads, email blasts, and any conferences you host.

    Read More
    5 Tired Marketing Trends to Lay to Rest in 2014

    By Amber Cebull

    167449681As the year comes closer to an end and we reassess our business budgets, we are, with any luck, tailoring our approach to what is most effective for our brand. If it didn’t yielded sales, it’s likely time to say goodbye to some of the less successful campaigns and strategies.

    If you haven’t taken the time to explore which marketing tactics aren’t working for you or (gasp!) still don’t have a marketing budget or strategy, fear not. I’ve compiled this list of 5 tired marketing trends to lay to rest in 2014.

    Read More
    The 4 Types of Marketers You Need on an Inbound Marketing Team

    By Rick Whittington

    482246465You’ve been tasked with building a powerhouse inbound marketing team to attract traffic to your website and generate more sales leads. Where do you start? Which roles will produce the results that you’re looking for?

    Those are the questions I asked when staffing our inbound marketing team two years ago. 

    Here are 4 types of marketers that you’ll need to staff an awesome, results-driven inbound marketing team.

    Read More
    Tutorial: How to Calculate the ROI of an Inbound Marketing Plan

    By Jamie Cartwright

    164900811These days, marketing departments tend to describe their work as “sales improvement efforts.” They know that it’s what their executives want to hear.

    They also know that their performance is graded based on achieving sales goals. So, it makes sense to brand marketing in a sales-friendly way.

    But is your marketing team actually prepared to prove that its marketing efforts have created sales growth—in measured, numerical detail?

    Read More

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