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    September 30, 2013 // 5:39 PM

    Facebook's Graph Search Update Offers Marketers Juicier Data

    Written by Ginny Soskey | @

    facebook_graph_search-1Hey, remember that groundbreaking, cool feature Facebook announced back in January? It was called Graph Search. It supposedly was going to change the way people used the platform ... but it wasn't really available to be used quite yet. Then in July, Facebook announced it was going to roll out to all U.S. users -- again, it was exciting, but Graph Search didn't have great data points that I as a marketer would love to use. All in all, pretty meh-worthy announcements. 

    ... That is, until today. Facebook will start including status updates, photos, check-ins, and comments in your graph search. Yep, you heard me right -- pretty soon, you'll have access to data that will actually be useful to your life as a marketer. Previously, you only had access to pages, apps, and groups that included search terms. Now, you can search for terms in posts, updates, check-ins, and comments from your friends and people who post publicly. Here's what the different will look like:

    What Graph Search Currently Looks Like Featuring Dancing With the Stars


    What Graph Search Will Look Like Featuring Dancing With the Stars


    Isn't the second much more useful?

    This new feature opens up a slew of opportunities for marketers, such as:

    • Monitoring Facebook posts about events they're running. 
    • Researching product usage. 
    • Identifying content opportunities based on the interest of their most enthusiastic Facebook Fans.
    • Tracking brand mentions by influencers.
    • And lots and lots of other things!

    We're kinda bummed because this new feature won't be available to everyone with Graph Search. First, it'll be tested in a small group of people, and then roll out to everyone after that. But, once it's rolled out, marketers have a huge opportunity to make their content even more relevant to their audience with this data -- which is something we all can get pumped about.

    Once you have this Graph Search feature, how will you use it in your marketing? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

    Image credit: Ksayer1

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    Topics: Social Media

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