Imagine two almost identical landing pages. The only difference, one has a video on it and the other is only text. You might guess that the one with video is more interesting for visitors. But how much? According to a study from 2017, on average about 20% of visitors will stay and read the text but 80% of visitors will stay and watch the video! 80% — think about how many more visitors that can engage, buyers it can educate, or services issues that could solve. There is just something about video that we humans really love. In fact people love video so much that we’re now watching a staggering six hours a day watching video, and that number is only increasing.

Video isn’t just important to add to landing pages, it’s an important element of every aspect of your marketing campaigns. It’s also improving how sales teams work with prospects, how services help customers, and how you communicate internally or with clients. Companies that invest in a culture of video stand to gain an advantage. This is why we introduced HubSpot Video, and are doing more to make it easy to integrate however you use video into HubSpot.

HubSpot Video

Now live in HubSpot is a baseline of free video features for customers with pro and above. Marketing customers can can host videos in HubSpot and embed those videos on owned HubSpot landing pages and blog posts. When you’re adding videos to these pages you’ll see a new edit button that lets you add a CTA or form directly into your video. Pages with video embedded on them feature new video metrics on the performance page. Sales Hub users can record and send videos to prospects via the email option in the communicator, either from a deal or the CRM. Service Hub users can create and send screen share videos to customers from tickets and now host videos in HubSpot and embed them in their knowledge base articles.

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We’ve seen really strong adoption of these new videos features since the launch, but they really only scratch the surface of all the ways you can bring video into HubSpot.

Video Meetings

One of the best ways to get started with video is to start using video for any meeting that doesn’t happen in person. Maybe you have team members who work remotely or from home, maybe you have clients or customers in different states or countries. Changing the culture inside your organization to do all or most of those calls over video conference vs just the phone will help get you and your team more comfortable with video.

To make this easier in HubSpot we’re working to add integrations with more of the top video conferencing tools out there. Now in live is a HubSpot built integration with Zoom. It's the first of a few integrations that make it easier to schedule and conduct video meeting from within HubSpot.


If you’re sales team is already doing live video demo’s as part of their process don’t miss out on the HubSpot - integration

Webinars / Live Video Events

A proven and powerful tactic for Marketers is video webinars. Live/pre-recorded video is a great way to provide a tremendous amount of value to people and attract an audience in a way that is more personal and interactive then a piece of written content. In HubSpot there is a few great integrations that help make webinars easy.

Our first webinar integration, GoToWebinar, is still one of our most popular. Their integration allows you to easily execute a webinar using HubSpot landing pages and syncs data so you can segment and nurture registrants. This HubSpot built integration has some updates coming soon and if you use the tool we’ll be in-touch when they launch.


The video marketing platform TwentyThree recently released a new webinar product that syncs with HubSpot making it simpler to analyze webinar engagement data to see what viewers are interested in and how they’re engaging.

Video Platform / Hosting

With HubSpot Video you can now host 250 videos in HubSpot and embed those videos on HubSpot landing pages and blog posts. However if you’re looking for a more robust platform that can embed videos on non-HubSpot pages, give you a deeper view into viewer analytics, and help make videos more iterative you may want to try one of these video marketing platforms all of which feature top notch HubSpot integrations.

If you like HubSpot Video, you’ll love Vidyard. Their technology powers the back end of the features in HubSpot so you may already be using a light version of it. If you upgrade to Vidyard’s pro option you’ll have unlimited video hosting, the ability to host videos anywhere, more advanced analytics, the ability to customize forms and more. Vidyard’s enterprise product gives you the ability to connect all your video data into HubSpot, where you’ll see it on the contact timeline and be able to use it to trigger workflows and build segments.


One of the most popular video platforms that features a powerful integration with HubSpot is Wisita. Hosting on Wistia allows you to embed videos anywhere, offers powerful video analytics, features a customizable player, and much more. With their integration HubSpot forms can be embedded into their videos, leads will be passed over, and view data is passed over to HubSpot where it can be used a signal for lists and workflows.


Check out all of the HubSpot video platform integrations, including Brightcove, Cincopa, and TwentyThree

Video Creation

For many businesses, the biggest challenge of video is just getting started. Consistently creating video can be expensive and take up a lot of time from your team. HubSpot features a number of exciting tools that help make it easier to create more video and publish it faster.

Create animated explainer videos with Powtoon that capture an audience's attention and simply sync with HubSpot.

Get started faster with the massive video library and creation tools offered by Promo and push them to HubSpot in one-click.

Leverage video templates and storyboards with Animoto and quickly move them over to HubSpot for sharing on social and on your website.


Leverage Vidmob’s network of expert teams to create social ads that actually work and push your creations directly into HubSpot.

With HubSpot Video, Sales and Service teams can now quickly create videos to send to customers via the HubSpot CRM. This functionality is powered by Vidyard’s GoVideo, so download their chrome extension for a great way to record videos from anywhere. When you do, Sales Hub Professional users will see those videos in their video library in HubSpot as an option to share with customers.

If you have ideas for more video features or integrations you want to see in HubSpot, please let your CSM know or add your topic to the HubSpot ideas forum.

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Originally published Nov 21, 2018 7:53:27 AM, updated January 08 2019