Hooray for the Workflows tool! Even Darwin would be mightily impressed with how speedily this new tool in the HubSpot software is evolving. The latest adaptation to delight a marketer's soul is the ability to automatically send emails to somebody on your own team whenever a contact completes a defined step in your Workflow. How does it work? Read on.

When you're building your next workflow in HubSpot, you'll notice that you now have seven different choices in the dropdown menu of next step selection. The newest option to appear is labeled “Send an email notification” and allows you to immediately send an automated email notification through the HubSpot software to an address of your choice after an action takes place in that workflow.

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With this new feature, the possibilities are endless. In fact, you'll only be limited by how creative you want to get with designing custom email notifications to your business and to the needs of your coworkers and employees.

Here are just a few applications HubSpot customers have started using this feature for.

You might decide to set up an automatic email to:

  • Notify a sales rep when a lead submits an important form
  • Notify a lead owner when a lead becomes sales-qualified, or hits a specific lead score (or when any other contact property is altered by their actions)
  • Send follow-up instructions to the right sales rep for a particular type of contact
  • Notify your social media manager when a new lead comes in that is considered to be a social media influencer, based on their following online
  • Let your whole company know every time a customer is closed

Want to generate some more great ideas? Talk to your sales team and ask them what types of activity on your site would allow them to better qualify and sell their leads. Whatever the situation, it's likely you can set up an email notification for it with the new Workflows tool.

How To Send an Email Notification

  1. Create a Workflow and set a starting condition
  2. Add a step, and then an action. In the same dropdown where you would select "send an email" you can now select "send an email notification."
  3. Manually enter the email address you want to notify upon this completed action, or choose the Contact Property you want to pull the address from.
  4. Select the email you want to send. Sidenote: If the email hasn't been created yet, just navigate to the HubSpot Email tool, create your email, and save it "for automation."
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Have a spectacular idea for how to use a Workflow with an automatic email notification? Share your ideas below and help your fellow Inbound Marketers out!

Originally published Sep 27, 2012 1:54:00 PM, updated January 13 2014