Track, connect the dots, close the loop, attribute, summarize and overview. How often do you say you’re going to do these things with your digital marketing and your CRM?

Actually, it’s easier said than done. Your marketing and sales data typically live in different products, there's not a good integration between the two or you simply aren’t sure how to do it.

But that’s no longer the case for HubSpot users. Read more for a look into the HubSpot reporting tools and how you can use them to align sales, marketing and your business.

A massive benefit of marketing within the HubSpot ecosystem is that all of your sales and marketing data is housed in one place. With all of that data consolidated into one stack, you’ve got the ability to run insightful and thorough reports that tie marketing and sales performance together in one data-rich environment.

Let’s get in and look at a few templated and custom reports you should be running, as well as explore some of the custom reporting options available through the HubSpot reporting add-on.

Templated Reports

You can access these via the reporting dashboard in your portal. Click "add report" in the upper right hand corner and you'll be brought to the widget library where you can find the reports below.

Add Report.jpg

Deal Forecast

Sales managers and business owners say one of their biggest challenges is planning for the future. Knowing what deals you have out there and what their likelihood to close is can be a boon for future planning. Your dashboard should be keeping you informed on your deal pipeline so you can make informed decisions.

Deal Forecast Image.jpg

Marketing Performance

This report is an overview of your marketing activity and is great for a quick checkup. You can save yourself time and stress by keeping a simple report on your dashboard that shows you the top three things you should know: site visits, new contacts and new customers.

Marketing Performance IMage.jpg

Top Landing Pages

Quick, what’s your best performing landing page? If you don’t know that off of the top of your head, the top landing pages report is for you. If you're looking for where to spend some time and marketing effort to up your leads, it's easy to start with what’s already working. This report will surface your best pages so that you can make them even better.

Top Landing Pages Image.jpg

Contacts by Source with Lifecycle Stages

In this report, you can learn what sources your contacts are coming from and what stage in their lifecycle they are in. This report gives a great summary of how you are getting your contacts, and how each of the acquisition channels are performing. Looking for a place to optimize? Look to a source where you have a high volume of contacts, but not many are making it through your lifecycle stages.

Contacts by source with lifecycle stage.jpg

Custom Reports

The reports you just looked at are templated, meaning they are pre-configured in every HubSpot portal. But what if you want to see something a little more tailored to your business needs?

Enter the paid Reporting add-on. This add-on lets HubSpot users create custom reports based on a number of object within the HubSpot platform. This is a new set of capabilities that our more data driven users are gaining profitable insight with.

To create custom widgets, go to the reporting dashboard, click "add report", then click "create custom widget" in the top right corner. 

Create Custom Widget.jpg

By Contacts

Customers with the reporting add-on can create custom reports on their contacts. Any information stored in the contact record can be used in custom reports to surface the most important data in your contacts database. Want to learn how contacts from each of your conversions perform? You can run a report seeing deals and revenue by a contacts first conversion.

Custom new contacts.jpg

By Companies

Do you want to learn more about the companies in your CRM? In the Reporting add-on, you can run custom reports around the companies you do business with. For example you can learn how many companies each of your sales reps owns, and how many deals they have in the works.

Custom of new companies.jpg

By Deals

When you want to learn more about your upcoming deals for forecasting and reporting purposes, you may want to create a custom report. For example, you can run a report of all of your deals by HubSpot Owner. In that report you can take a look at each user's total amount of predicted deal revenue as well as the average days to close on their deals.

Custom of new deals.jpg

By Engagements

Want to see how your sales reps are engaging with prospects? You can run a custom report that shows you calls, emails and meetings by sales rep. This is great for getting an idea of where your individual reps are more and less productive.

Custom of recent activities.jpg

There you go! With the right mix of templated and custom reports, you'll be closing the loop on your marketing and sales data in no time. Take some time to experiment and find the right combination of reporting that works for you and your unique business.

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Originally published Mar 2, 2017 2:00:00 PM, updated November 17 2017