trophyIt can be hard to focus on creating content at this time of year -- what with office chocolates in abundance, festive songs ringing out, and the general air of excitement for the season.

So as you add the final touches to your last pieces of content for 2013, why not take a minute to review some of the best pieces of content to come out in 2013? If anyone asks what you're up to, tell them it's all part of your content planning process for 2014.

Take a look, and enjoy reliving these marketing content masterpieces!

1) Dumb Ways to Die

This cute and hilarious video from Metro Trains is fully built on the storytelling principles that we all try to master in our content. It's adorable, it's funny, and actually gets people to enjoy listening to a rather dull lesson.

2) Wistia's Studio Creation Video

Wistia makes some of the best marketing content on the planet, focused on helping companies create and market compelling video without professional studios or ex-Hollywood producers on staff. 

This video in particular shows how you can hack together a studio that still looks professional when you shoot, but doesn't break the budget or require advanced video skills. That, and it's done in that recognizable, awesome Wistia style: friendly, human, and clear. Plus, it resonates deeply with the audience by speaking directly to them.

3) CRAP. The Content Marketing Deluge.

Everyone at HubSpot loves this SlideShare by Velocity PartnersIt emphasizes the importance of high quality content during a time when the internet is pretty cluttered -- and only getting more so. In order to stand out and make a dent in your industry, your content needs to be high quality. Period. It was insanely more successful than the creators ever expected it to be, too -- surpassing the views target by over 300,000!

4) What Kind of Festival Goer Are You?

Like going to festivals? Not sure what new events are popping up around your area? No worries, TicketMaster has your back. They created this awesome interactive quiz with agency Caliber, for festival goers that takes into consideration their interests and style when it comes to festival going, and recommends upcoming events that would suit their festival "type." We love the cool graphics and the fun personality they give you after the quiz, based on your responses. If you want to take the quiz, you can check it out here.


5) Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split, featuring Jean Van Damme

The smooth talking Belgian man, the awe-inspiring music, and the epic feat of performing the splits between two trucks driving backwards, all combine to make this video from Volvo the most watched YouTube ad ever, with over 60 million views!

6) AirBnB's Annual Report

This is a great example of you how can take a topic that’s considered boring -- like your company's annual report -- and turn it into something really compelling. It uses vertical scrolling and data visualization to captivate the reader and turn it into a piece of content that will help attract people to the AirBnB site. To scroll through and see the entire experience, check it out here.


7) Google Analytics in Real Life

This video contextualizes a daily scene through a metaphor to show how absurd some traditional online marketing methods are. It shows how important it is to learn to understand our lead's behaviors online, and offer them appropriate content without intruding on their private lives. 

Who wants to be turned away from what they look for? No one. So why would websites do it with their marketing?

8) Shout Your Love From a Mountain Top

This campaign from AT&T encourages people to submit messages of adoration for their valentine via their Facebook Page, or on Twitter. The message was shouted from the top of a mountain, by a "Grizzly Adams" type, in front of a webcam which live-streamed the messages to the world. The content really grabbed my attention, and brought together the perfect marriage of online and offline, including a focus on mobile ... not to mention the hilarious Grizzly appearances and the messages they shouted.

9) Coca-Cola's Ahh Experiment

Bite-sized. Visual. On-brand. Playful. Just try the experiment. Keep entering that URL in your browser, but add an "h" each time. Maybe just don't try this experiment when you're really busy ... I have to confess I spent a little too long being entertained by this one!


10) Guides to Help the Small Business Owner

Think it's impossible to create content for a "boring" industry like insurance? (Apologies if you're in insurance and think it's exhilarating.) Marketing agency Distilled showed how you can create awesome content for any industry with multiple in-depth guides to help small business owners grow their business using digital marketing. This one on Google Analytics is a really cool example, and we love the interactivity of the user experience.


As you can see, content can come in all shapes and sizes and still be immensely successful. Try out new formats with your content next year and see what kind of impact that has on your metrics.

Surely we missed some other amazing pieces of marketing content. What pieces of content blew you away this year?

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Originally published Dec 19, 2013 4:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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