In April 2013, the HubSpot Academy team created a brand spanking new Inbound Certification to teach business-minded folks the art of the Inbound Methodology.

Through nine distinct modules, certification participants learn how to attract more visitors to their websites, to convert more of those visitors into qualified leads, to close more of those leads into customers, and to delight more of those customers into brand evangelists and word-of-mouth promoters.

In an effort to gain stronger insights into our certification program, I want to peel back the curtain and share some numbers from the nearly six months of data that we've captured so far.

How Are People Finding The Inbound Certification?

inbound certification resized 600

Using the HubSpot Events tool, I'm able to get a source-by-source breakdown of who is visiting our main certification page. Looking at the "Last Touch" source data, I can see where people came from just prior to visiting that page:

events last touch source breakdown resized 600

You can see that the majority of visits are coming from direct traffic, referral traffic and organic search. I'm happy to see a high referral percentage but will need to dive deeper to better understand any organic keyword opportunities. Room for improvement both there and in social media.

page performance link breakdown resized 600

I also looked at the Page Performance tool, which shows me that over 700 links from around the Internet point back specifically to the main certification page. That's in line with a high percentage of referral traffic and is mostly attributed to the many folks who are placing their certification badges on their websites and through the badge linking back to HubSpot Academy.

Who Passed The Inbound Certification?

Now it starts to get fun.

So far, 3125 people have passed the Inbound Certification.

pass distribution

It also looks like we have certified folks in 74 different countries! I ran a list of IP locations through BatchGeo to generate this visualization.

inbound certified by country resized 600

Huzzah! That's pretty exciting.

What About Video Engagement?

Each of our nine Inbound Certification class modules includes five different videos.

While it makes sense that our video views fall off after the first class, looking at the graph it appears as if there's a bit more engagement in our 5th (The Anatomy of a Landing Page) and 8th (The Power of Smarketing) classes than projected.

video views resized 600

How Are People Scoring?

With a pass percentage of 44%, our average score is a 72/100. 

pass fail percentage

Score distribution is represented by a nice bell curve, which is what we'd hope to see in a healthy certification test. I can't believe only two people have gotten a perfect score!

score distribution resized 600

Because our certification test questions are organized into nine question groups, we can pull a report to better understand how participants are scoring across specific topics. So far, average scores across each of our nine class topics are fairly similar. The Fundamentals of Blogging takes the cake with our highest average score of 82%, while The Power of Smarketing, a class about marketing and sales alignment, is our lowest scoring section at an average of 64%.

topic breakdown

In-Person vs. Online?

Finally, since we ran an in-person version of this certification at our Inbound 2013 conference, we thought it would be fun to compare average test scores of folks who participated in-person and then took the test vs. folks who participated online, at their own pace.

As we had hoped, our in-person results are noticeably stronger than folks who run through the certification on-demand.


  • Average Score - 72
  • Pass Percentage - 44%


  • Average Score - 82
  • Pass Percentage - 80%
Have you taken our Inbound Certification? If so, what did you think?

Originally published Sep 20, 2013 11:50:00 AM, updated December 16 2013