Today HubSpot is excited to announce that all users of its social media publishing tool will be able to add Instagram publishing into their strategic mix. To get started, check out the video I recorded last week.

Having an Instagram business account is the first thing you'll need to be able to publish within HubSpot. But even if you aren't using HubSpot, there are a bevy of reasons why you might want to consider switching from a personal account to a business account. 

Let's walk through them.

Scheduling Posts

This is the biggest reason to switch from a personal account. In order to take advantage of the new publishing capabilities within Instagram, you have to have an Instagram business account. This is an Instagram requirement, not a tool requirement. Scheduling posts is a huge timesaver for a brand with a busy social media team.

Instagram Insights

Instagram business profiles give you access to analytics from within the app (not from desktop). This is important to understand what content is resonating best, what time of day your followers are online, and if you are using Instagram effectively to reach your business goals.

Instagram ads

Having a business account gives you the opportunity to do advertising on Instagram from within the app rather than through the Facebook ads tool. This gives you the chance to promote specific posts. And Instagram ads can make a big impact--Yotpo reports that over 30% of Instagram users have purchased something they first saw from an Instagram ad.

Add Links on Instagram Stories

If you have a business account with over 10,000 followers you can add links to your Instagram stories, which gives you the chance to easily direct people to your site or offer. This is a huge advantage considering that over 300M people use Stories every day.

A Better Bio

Businesses have a few additional features in their profile including links for your followers to get directions, your phone number, or your email depending on what you designate. Personal accounts do not have this functionality.

Connect Your Facebook Business Page With Your Instagram Profile

With a business profile,  Facebook business pages can be linked to your Instagram account, giving you the option to share your posts directly to your Facebook business page.  There is one catch here; personal pages can share to multiple Facebook pages that they may own, whereas a business account can only share to the Facebook business page with which it is associated.

Get Verified

It’s notoriously difficult to be verified by Instagram, but if you have a business profile and are a regular advertiser, you’ve likely upped your chances of snagging that coveted designation. A personal profile takes near celeb cred.

I know, I can hear you wondering now: ”If I switch to a business profile won’t I lose my organic reach?” There are a lot of schools of thought about this, and while it might be true that you will sacrifice a bit of reach, the general consensus seems to be that the advantages, particularly when it comes to access to Instagram's Insights, and I would argue, now publishing, is worth it.

Even better, you can switch back to a personal page with only a few clicks, but note that you’ll lose any historical insights and if you switch back to a business page you’ll be starting over again.

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Originally published Feb 27, 2018 2:00:00 PM, updated February 27 2018