The Recipe for Perfect Social Media Posts [Infographic]

Lindsay Kolowich Cox
Lindsay Kolowich Cox



When you post on social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, you've got to do a lot more than just post a link with a quick sentence describing it if you want lots of people to click on your post and visit your website. You've actually got to optimize your posts for each network.

Knowing little tricks like where to put a CTA in your YouTube description, how to include a shortened link in the copy of your LinkedIn post, or why you should avoid including a human's face as a pin image on Pinterest could be the difference between success and failure on social media. And if you're already putting in the man-hours and budget into building your business on these platforms, you want to make sure you're skewing toward the success side of the spectrum and getting the biggest bang for your buck.

So keep on reading -- these optimization tricks are visualized in this infographic, designed by mycleveragencyCheck it out, take notes, and make every future social media post count!


If you're interested in learning more, check out this post for a more in-depth look at optimized social media updates.

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