marketing-statisticsMore and more nonprofits are adopting content marketing strategies to boost fundraising efforts every year -- and new data shows why this is clearly the case.

A recent Content Marketing Institute study shows 92% of nonprofits are using social media, blogging, email, and videos for their content marketing efforts. Organizations that use these tactics identified themselves as having much more effective campaigns than those that don't.

While there is a lot of knowledge-sharing and training still needed for nonprofits looking to adopt content marketing, it has definitely helped raised awareness, engagement, and donor retention for countless other organizations.

Want more info on what content marketing is doing for nonprofits and how organizations are approaching their content marketing strategies for next year? Check out several more interesting takeaways from the report below.

Highlights From CMI's 2014 Nonprofit Content Marketing Study

1) 25% of nonprofit professionals have a content marketing strategy in place. (Tweet this stat!)

2) 65% of nonprofits are producing more content than they were a year ago. (Tweet this stat!)

3) 69% of nonprofits have someone overseeing their content marketing strategy. (Tweet this stat!)

4) On average, nonprofits implement 11 different content marketing tactics, including social media, blogs, enewsletters, videos, and infographics. (Tweet this stat!)

5) 64% of nonprofit professionals believe enewsletters are an effective content marketing tactic. (Tweet this stat!)

6) 61% of nonprofit professionals believe social media is an effective content marketing tactic. (Tweet this stat!)

7) 91% of nonprofit professionals use Facebook, 69% use Twitter, and 65% use YouTube. Only 17% use Instagram and 24% use Pinterest. (Tweet this stat!)

8) Nonprofits with the most effective content marketing campaigns use an average of five social media platforms. (Tweet this stat!)

9) 79% of nonprofit professionals said that fundraising is the number-one goal of their content marketing, with brand awareness coming in second and engagement third. (Tweet this stat!)

10) Website traffic is the top content marketing metric to 53% of respondents. Social sharing, increased number of people served, supporter loyalty, and increased volunteering were also cited as very important metrics. (Tweet this stat!)

11) 38% of nonprofits plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next year, while 44% said it would stay the same. (Tweet this stat!)

12) 70% of nonprofits outsource design services for their content marketing. (Tweet this stat!)

How does your organization use content to increase fundraising and engagement?

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Originally published Nov 23, 2013 1:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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